Are PTC/PTR/BUX Sites Safe? Why I Will Never Join Them Again

Commonly known as Click, View, Earn Sites, Paid To Click, Paid To Read, BUX, PTR, PTC, CVE and many other names, to me they are the kind of online money making schemes which I will never and ever join again basing on my past experience and what I went through when I was an internet newbie with a dream of making real money off the internet. This is not a specific site review and nor a pin pointing article but rather, a post where I want to share with those who are thinking of joining the above money making lines and or those who have just joined them what I went through some years back before I called it quits from PTC sites.

When read their slogan “Click, View, Earn” and which is what almost any paid to click site has, the one thing which comes into any ones minds is having landed a real earning opportunity and which sometimes makes me start borrowing from friends with a hope that they will be able to pay when finally they withdraw their funds and which I personally went through. When I was first introduced to the above after stumbling upon an Advert on one blog I had visited, I knew that my dream has turned into a reality not knowing that it was just the beginning of my suffering since I ended up having a lot of people t be paid after I had borrowed money to rent referrals so that I could increase on my earnings.

For those who may be recalling the time when PTC sites became very popular on the internet, you must be knowing how and what withdrawing money from those sites meant since before getting ones earnings into a PayPal or even a Payza account, one had to pay transaction fees, pay withdraw fees and too was required to invest before cashing out, something which was very painful especially to many of us who had spent most of our times on those sites while surfing in hope of getting paid.

I personally had about 20 sites which I had to surf everyday after I had made some simple calculations of how I could earn up €2 per click multiplied by 5 Ads per site multiply by 20 sites which could be a total of €200 in a single day but guess what, I never earned a single cent from those sites in my payment processor. After trying many of those sites and having rented referrals using the borrowed funds, I ended up having to pay using my money from other sources and which till today, I decided never to join any PTC site however much they say that it pays.

UPDATE: Sometime back, I found this PTC- Reviewed and when I tested it after a friend reffered it to me, they paid me just like you see the screen shot in the thread.

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Not only paid to click sites but too, I have a non ending hate for paid to read sites (PTR) since until today, there is one site where I made a redemption and my total of $20,000 is still in pending mode. All sites related to the two above to me looks not to be legit although there are those like the Neobux, and others which many people share of being legit.

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