How To Assist Your Injury with Yoga

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Have you ever experienced a debilitating injury? Anyone who has ever broken a bone or sustained an injury from an accident knows how painful and inconvenient recovery time can be. Life can be very limited for a while as you cope with the discomfort and pain. A physician may advise you to consider surgery or physical therapy while in recovery. Many even seek pain relief in acupuncture. But few may know the therapeutic benefits found in yoga.

Yoga has become one of the most popular forms of exercise for women around the world. Many men have also joined the movement that allows one to connect with their bodies through breathing exercises and poses. While many might think that yoga is merely about breathing and chanting in a candle-lit room, one would be surprised to learn the healing benefits of yoga, especially when dealing with bone and spinal pain from an injury. Yoga is more than just breathing exercises. It is reparative therapy.

Stretching Is Part of Healing

Hatha yoga is a physical form of yoga that incorporates a series of complex and basic stretches and breathing techniques. Stretching and maintaining a pose actually increases muscle strength. When back muscles are stretched and well condition, back pain is actually alleviated and can even be diminished. It is important to speak to your yoga instructor to explain your limitations so that

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Provides pain relief and focus – Proper breathing helps provide better circulation and concentration. It’s a great stress reliever and helps the body release tension. Pilates is also a good option as it has physical therapeutic value to it.

Assists the body in self-healing – Gently stretching and strengthening of lower back muscles increases blood circulation in the back and legs, which brings healing nutrients to the injured tissues.

Engages the mind in positive thinking – Yoga incorporates meditation, which is a process of reducing the negative perception in the mind. Specific breathing exercises increases oxygen flow to the brain, believed to set the rhythm within the body and mind and refocusing thoughts. Meditation is believed to relieve anxiety and other psychological factors said to trigger back pain.

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Vary Your Poses – A yoga instructor will guide you on specific poses and stretches that will benefit you during your healing journey. Some popular yoga poses that aid the spinal healing include, cat yoga pose, cobra yoga pose, and knee to chest yoga pose. Myotatic reflex, known as “the stretch reflex” helps to reduce inflammation.

Diet and Exercise Options

Reducing inflammation is key when healing after an injury. Juicing is another option that many to reduce inflammation and increase strength and energy. The benefits of juicing are alkalization, better digestion, cleansing of excess toxins the bowels and even weight loss. You can never go wrong in following a healthy diet to improve the overall quality of your body, mind and spirit.

Use wisdom and caution when on your personal healing journey. You may consider seeking proper legal assistance for advice while on your healing journey. Many back injury victims also find pain relief in Pilates, which offers a chi healing approach that stretches the body and extends muscles and ligaments. Pilates is recommended for individuals with back injuries and is a post-surgery option for physical rehabilitation. Educate yourself on the benefits of healthy diet and lifestyle options. Take charge of your healing!

How To Assist Your Injury with Yoga

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