How To Attach Files While Responding To PayPal Disputes And Claims – Additional Evidence / Shipping Proof / Police Report / Affidavit / Refund Proof / Others

Attach files during paypal dispute If you are into selling, and using Paypal as your payment processor, to attach files while responding to disputes and claims is one thing you will never avoid. And yes, wanna know why this is always something you should expect? The answer is simple, buyers tend to open disputes and claims ranging from item not as described, item not received, damaged item or product and many others.

But how do you handle the attach files issue since you need to do so when providing proof? This is a question many people ask themselves not because of not knowing how exactly, but rather due to the fact that many are in a hurry as a result of something unexpected. An example is when you sell an item or product worth $500, and you are happy about the sale. In the next few minutes, only to be welcomed by a PayPal services messages – New message received – New case ID #PP-004-910-XXX-XXX. Be honest and tell me, how would you feel about this?

I am sure you know the right answers right? That is why you need to read this. Just like it happened to me, I am sure the same happens to many out there. Many end up attaching files and leaving them unsent which is a waste of time. Find out how to attach any kind of file when responding to PayPal disputes. It can be additional evidence, proof of shipment, affidavit, and or any other.

How to attach a file while responding t PayPal claims

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1. Log onto your PayPal account and to Resolutions.
2. Navigate that case which is giving you headache and click view.
3. Below under files, click on Add and wait for page to load.
4.Chose the file, select the type eg additional evidence, add the description and hit attach.
5. Wait for page to load and repeat the same if you have more than one attachment.

Once yo are done with attaching all your files, you will see them listed below with their corresponding details. That means that you have successfully uploaded them on PayPal servers. Now hit the send files and rest while the page loads. Congratulations, your files are successfully uploaded and you are done. Wait for buyers response or PayPal assuming you escalated.

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