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7 Best Driving Apps For Drivers 2022

Looking for the best driving apps for drivers for Android and iOS? Here are our best picks for 2022. Installing and using any of the applications on the list will allow you to enjoy a better experience when it comes to navigation while driving. Here are the 7 best driving apps for drivers in 2022 […]

How to Transfer Duty Free Motor Vehicle in Uganda

Here is how to change ownership of a Duty free motor vehicle in Uganda without paying import duty taxes. By following the instructions below, you are able to transfer an ambulance, milk truck, tourist van, refrigerated trucks, etc from the current owner into your name. What are Duty free Motor vehicles? Duty free vehicles are […]

How Do I Renew, Or Replace My Trinidad and Tobago Driver’s Permit?

The process of renewing, and or, replacing your Trinidad and Tobago driver’s permit begins by making an appointment at any of the Licensing offices. Interested persons can make an appointment by either contacting the Transport Division by phone via numbers 612-2700, 612-2710, and 612-2701 or by scheduling an appointment on the appointment booking website. Once […]

How to Use MoWT APP to Verify Motor Vehicle Registration and Driving Permit Details

Using the MoWT APP, registered owners, fleet managers and all drivers are able to verify motor vehicle registration particulars or driving permit particulars instantly. Access to the Ministry of Works and Transport customer portal allows to instantly get details based on the records at the Transport Division. Since both motor vehicle registration and driving permits […]

Get Statutory Declaration URSB Stamp For MoWT Vehicle Transfer

A URSB stamp is mandatory on the statutory declaration document when processing for a Forced or Manual Absentee motor vehicle transfer through the Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT). Attempting to submit such documents to MoWT motor vehicle licensing without the URSB stamp automatically means rejection or query assuming the receiving officer doesn’t notice the […]

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