Avast Gmail Email Signature – How To Disable This Email Has Been Sent From A Virus-free Computer Protected By Avast

Avast Gmail Email Signature - Disable This Email Has Been Sent From A Virus-free Computer Protected By Avast Learn how to disable the Avast antivirus email signature from all of your sent emails. And yes, this tutorial is all about how to locate the disable option for your computer regardless of whether you are using Windows 7 or others and running Avast build 2016. If you have too been wondering what that could have been, this tutorial will help you solve it.

Avast is an Anti virus which is free to download and use, with an option to upgrade to a paid plan just in case one would want to enjoy more features with regard. On the other hand, Gmail is a free web based email service by Google. With Gmail, you can send free messages, receives them as well from others, send attachment and voice, just like Avast takes on the protection of your computer. But how about the email signature and how to disable it? Read below to find the steps you need to follow to disable it and send signature free email messages.

Disabling Avast Gmail email signature – steps to follow

Disable Avast Gmail Email Signature

1. Launch Avast Anti virus by clicking on its link via tray, and or from programs.
2. Click on the gear icon and navigate head to Avast settings.
3. Uncheck the box on Enable Avast email signature and press OK.

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Disable Avast Gmail Email Signature Disable

That’s all. The next time you send an email message from a supported browser like Internet Explore, Firefox, Google Chrome and others, the auto generated email signature containing This email has been sent from a virus-free computer protected by Avast will be gone.

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