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Features Of CenteMobile Loans That Make Everyone Love It

When you run out of funds no matter where you are, or even on the go, accessing CenteMobile loans will help you going until you reach your destination. Being easy to access, supported on...

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What Percentage Does PayPal Take Out?

PayPal is an online payment method that becomes essential for the online transactions market. In United States of America this online payment method is the second most used and popular method of online payment...

how to get a mastercard in uganda 0

How To Get A MasterCard In Uganda

You can get a MasterCard in Uganda by accessing any issuer of your choice from the list below. With the known benefits associated with such a card, many Ugandans are already on-board enjoying the...

PayPal Payment Under Review 0

PayPal Payment Under Review Advice

Why is my PayPal payment under review is a common question many users ask. This is due to PayPal putting on hold some of the payment transactions, and which many don’t understand as to...

PayPal Uganda Vs Payoneer Uganda 2

PayPal Uganda Vs Payoneer Uganda

In Uganda, both PayPal and Payoneer are people’s choices when it comes to payment payment processing. While PayPal has account restriction when it comes to what kind of transactions one can do, Payoneer on...

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How To Confirm Your Identity With PayPal

How to confirm your identity with PayPal? Here is how I successfully confirmed my identity as requested by PayPal. While I had read on the different forums that confirming identity with PayPal was a...

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How To Setup Payoneer Two-step Verification

This guides takes you through the step by step procedures to set up and enable Payoneer’s step 2 verification. Also known as ¬†two-factor authentication, this security feature is intended to help guard Payoneer accounts...