Payment Gateways

6 Popular Payment Methods in Vietnam and India 2022

When it comes to receiving online earnings, making mobile payments, application purchases, or even financial help in Vietnam and India from friends and family abroad, not all payment methods work best. This is due to a number of reasons including requirements by the different payment providers, fees associated, etc which many find unfavorable. If you […]

5 Easy Steps to Buy Helium(HNT)

One might wonder what Helium(HNT) is. It is one such tradable token that is spreading across major exchanges. It is one of the new sensations in the cryptocurrency market. It also can be described as a decentralized blockchain-powered network used for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. How does it function? Many of you might not […]

How To Receive eBay Payments To Payoneer Account

It is no longer a question. It’s a reality. It is very possible to receive your eBay payments as a seller directly to your Payoneer account. Still, wondering how possible this is? My friend, this post has all the details you are looking for. My advice to you is simple, continue reading and find out. […]

Consequences of Forgetting the Password to Your Digital Wallet

If you own Bitcoin, you’re probably very happy with your investment. The price has soared, people are starting to trust this cryptocurrency more and everything seems to be coming up roses. However, just like you can lose your traditional currencies when you lose your credit card or your wallet, you can lose your digital wealth […]

How to Buy Yaka Using Mobile Money

Yaka is the digital billing system that was introduced by Umeme some years back. With mobile money payment, one is given a token number which is keyed into the Yaka meter thus enjoying electricity of the amount paid. Also payable through the bank counter (teller), one can also buy Yaka using mobile money offered by […]

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