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  • CenteSwift money transfer

    What Is #CenteSwift And How Does It Work?

    Have you too heard about CenteSwift? Do you know how it works? Did you even know that you can recieve money free? Regardless of what your answer is, this post will help you learn more with regard. A product of Centenary bank, CenteSwift is a service which allows anyone to send money to their loved […] More

  • PayPal Payment Under Review

    PayPal Payment Under Review Advice

    Why is my PayPal payment under review is a common question many users ask. This is due to PayPal putting on hold some of the payment transactions, and which many don’t understand as to why it happens, thus seeking advice. For the years I have been using PayPal for my online transactions involving both sending […] More

  • PayPal Uganda Vs Payoneer Uganda

    PayPal Uganda Vs Payoneer Uganda

    In Uganda, both PayPal and Payoneer are people’s choices when it comes to payment payment processing. While PayPal has account restriction when it comes to what kind of transactions one can do, Payoneer on the other hand has none apart from their terms of use. Lets explore more on which is better between the two […] More

  • Verify Paypal Account 2020

    Verify PayPal Account 2020

    With PayPal being one of the biggest online money transfer service provider operating across the different countries, the need to have a Verified PayPal account in 2020 is very Vital. Yes, a verified PayPal account lifts the limits which are enforced on unverified accounts and thus allowing the user enjoy much more benefits associated. The […] More

  • Airtel money sending and withdraw rates updated

    Airtel Money Charges 2020 (Uganda, Zambia, Kenya..)

    Do you want to send or recieve money to, or from your loved ones in Uganda, Zambia and Kenya using Airtel money ? Or you simply want to know how much you will be charged for depositing or even withdrawing cash at the different points including Airtel agents, shops, bank ATM or others? Whether you […] More

  • Payoneer two-step verification

    How To Setup Payoneer Two-step Verification

    This guides takes you through the step by step procedures to set up and enable Payoneer’s step 2 verification. Also known as  two-factor authentication, this security feature is intended to help guard Payoneer accounts from being accessed by unauthorized individuals who may perform transactions without the account holders knowledge and approval. Previously, all what Payoneer […] More

  • MTN Mobile Money Rates Uganda Updated

    MTN Mobile Money Charges Uganda 2020

    MTN Mobile Money allows you to send money within Uganda to both MTN and other telecommunication company subscribers. Using the services too allows one to pay utility bills, pay for the different services, transfer and receive money, pay OTT social tax, buy Airtime (Airtime popup), Withdraw through bank ATM, receive money internationally and etc. MTN […] More

  • Confirm Your Identity

    How To Confirm Your Identity With PayPal

    How to confirm your identity with PayPal? Here is how I successfully confirmed my identity as requested by PayPal. While I had read on the different forums that confirming identity with PayPal was a hectic process, I personally did it using my legitimate documents and within only 1 hour of submitting them, my identity was […] More

  • M-Pesa Sending and Withdraw charges updated

    Safaricom M-PESA Charges / Paybill Charges Kenya 2020

    Safaricom M-PESA allows you to send money within Kenya to both Safaricom and other telecommunication company subscribers. Using the services too allows one to pay utility bills, link to PayPal, pay for the different services, deposit, transfer and receive money, buy Airtime (Airtime popup), withdraw through bank ATM, receive money internationally and etc. M-PESA is […] More

  • Sorry_we_can_t_link_these_accounts_PayPal_M-Pesa_error_yymv3q

    PayPal Error! Sorry We Can’t Link These Accounts! The Safaricom M-PESA Validation Service Is Currently Unavailable

    When PayPal announced their Partnernship with Safaricom’s M-PESA service, I personally thought that making transactions online directly from my M-PESA without the need to add funds to my bank had got a solution. But, this looks to have never been fulfilled at least on my side. My name is JOY, and Yes, I own a […] More

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