Battpit Laptop / Notebook Battery Replacement For HP 746641-001 (2200 mAh) Reviews and Ratings

Battpit™ Laptop / Notebook Battery Replacement for HP 746641-001 (2200 mAh) A “tired” HP laptop battery can give the user a lot of headache from time to time. This is because of the fact that every time one has NO access to main power source for example electricity, Solar or any other, work comes to stand still. This is one reason many people opt in for new replacement batteries, and where Battpit Laptop / Notebook battery replacement for HP 746641-001 (2200 mAh) – assuming this is your brand comes in. I have reviewed this replacement battery pack for HP 746641-001 by Battpit so you can know the different features, specifications, how it works, power duration without main power, customer reviews, ratings and the prices.

Backed by a full 1 year (12 months) warranty, sold from as low as $22.99 on Amazon, Battpit Laptop / Notebook battery replacement for HP 746641-001 (2200 mAh) is highly rated product which has attracted a lot of positive reviews by the different customers. This HP 746641-001 battery is a 14.4 Volt Li-ion type with a 2200 mAh capacity. This means that you get maximum power stored and which can help you take long time on use assuming the main power sources is off.


1. Money Back Guarantee – This HP battery by Battpit comes with a full 30 days money back guarantee. Know what this means? The answer is simple. You can get back your money assuming you don’t get what you expected when you paid.

2. Warranty – In addition to the full 30 days money back guarantee, you get up to 12 months of warranty, and which is a full year. This means that in between the 12 months, you can easily get a replacement assuming the damage or deformity falls under the warrant.

Li-ion type – With the known advantages of Li-ion battery types and which is this Battpit Laptop / Notebook Battery Replacement For HP 746641-001 (2200 mAh) for example a longer lifespan, you are guaranteed of not thinking about buying another battery soon.

Low self-discharge – Yes, this is what Li-ion batteries do. The same happens to Battpit types, they tend to discharge very low and thus helping you stay on most of the times.

Battery capacity – Battpit replacement battery for HP 746641-001 has a capacity of up to 2200 mAh. This means that it can hold that much power and which allows you use it longer than other low mAh batteries.


Some few cases of the battery not holding up power as expected has been reported by some customers. But with a full year warranty and a 30 days money back grantee, this is not that much worry. You can easily request for a replacement following the set guides on how to do it.

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1. “Type – 14.4 Volt Li-ion Laptop Battery
2. Capacity – 2200 mAh Condition: New
3. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
4. 1 Year Warranty”.


This HP batteries by Battpit have been highly rated. For example, A 4.6 of of 5 star is what customers give. The same product can be purchased at a price of $22.99 from A sales rank of #151 in Computers & Accessories > Laptop Accessories > Batteries is given to this product. And basing on the different factors including the pricing, the available reviews, the sales rank and etc, I can highly recommend this product to any other. Besides, you get full 30 day money back gurantee and a full year warranty.

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