Becoming Eligible,Setting Up & Activating Your Custom Google+ URL

How To Become Eligible? Becoming Eligible for a Custom Google Plus URL and imagine a unique one is a step every G+ user dream of due to it being both a people and search engine friendly address hence making an end to the longer URL’s. To be honest, I never knew of the Google-Plus-Custom-URL existence not until I opened my email today and found a message sent from Google plus team to me letting me know how I was now eligible for a Unique Google+ Custom URL And as usual, since its my policy to make some quick and immediate searches about those things which are new to me, I rushed to Google search and made the same queries only to know of how the Bing G started rolling out the custom links for the plus users.

And guess what, I must admit that besides owning a Plus profile, being in circles of 10, up to 136 having me in their circles, having successfully filled all the required information on my plus profile, linking my website to my profile in addition to sharing a few of my posts too on my profile, there is nothing bigger than that which I did to get qualified for the custom URL. The above means that even you too can turn eligible for a custom link very easily provided you do the above just like as shared in my own story.

Becoming Eligible For The Custom URL

To become eligible according to my own personal experience and too basing on some other information from the internet, you only need to have your profile set up in authorship mode as required by Google, publish on a regular basis, have your profile linked to your web pages and do any other as required. And when you turn eligible, Google will automatically notify you through an email just like it happened on my side.

Activating Your G+ Custom URL

Once you have turned eligible for the above, the activation process is the simplest one since you only need to follow the link in the email sent from Google plus team in order to get started and below is what I did, and which you can do.

1.Make sure that you are signed in to your Google account.

2. Click on the URL to get your custom link from your email address.

3. Enter your Phone number (that is what I was requested – I don’t know if it was due to having used a mobile to follow the link).

4. Copy the link sent to your mobile phone to your desktop or PC browser or simply open it using your phone browser.

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5. Choose the URL you want from the list provided, agree to the terms and confirm.

You will have successfully migrated your Plus profile from the longer URL to a shorter one. You can then share it with your friends, family and any other anywhere depending on what you need and how you want everything done.

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