Bed-in-a-Box: Why We Didn’t Build An Easy-to-Ship Foam Mattress

Bed-in-a-Box Foam Mattress Other businesses think on the “wow” element that is included with a queen-sized mattress, firmly folded and collapsed, from a package that appears to be about a third of its proportions. Getting a classical transport method, consequently, offered us with a chance to develop an item that is bigger than anything else currently on the market.

Truthfully, there exists lots of reason to be worried when a bed can be shipped in a package. If a mattress can be folded, scrunched, and collapsed too many times, it needs to have a great standard of flexibility to it. What those little boxes gain in the versatility element, they lose in high-quality and total sturdiness. A mattress which can be crushed will never last as long as a durable bed that arrives at your door sleep available.

Our company doubled down on quality, and has decided to create a complex, [[[multilayered mattress]]]. This mattress combines the comfort of foam, along with the support of spring coils, to create one unbelievably comfortable sleep system.

There are some drawbacks that come with focusing on substance over style.

Revenue is one of them. When a company uses small boxes to ship a product, it saves them some cash. Not only because collapsible mattresses are cheaper to make, but also because the transport price ranges are a considerably reduced (usually around forty dollars). When the box is full proportions, transport costs leap into the hundreds. Nevertheless, businesses can prevent passing this cost on their customers by developing their item in the country the target clients reside in.

CP Furniture Sales has not chosen the cheap way out. We take the time to get things right from the first time we speak with every individual. When you call us, our customer service team does not have a call time they need to adhere to. Rather, their job is to answer as many questions as you may have. Once your order is placed, our team sends it directly to the manufacturing plant, where employees start creating your new mattress from scratch. This is different from many companies, sure, but we like the idea of your brand new bed coming to your home fresh out of the box, never having sat in a warehouse for months on end.

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After slipping it into its traveling box, the bed leaves the factory and flies right to your home. To guarantee the process is as smooth as it can be, our delivery associates bring your mattress in to the house for you, instead of leave it out on the road. And if you are disappointed along with your order, we now have an unparalleled refund for the first 100 days. In this way, you may be guaranteed that you have committed to a comfortable, supportive, and top quality bed that will be with you for several years. When it comes to your next big mattress order for you personally and the family members, keep in mind that level of quality is always the best policy.

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