BeerMoneyForum Reviews! Is Scam or Legit? How it works

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This is a personal review of If you have been wondering what this site is all about and whether it is legitimate one worth to spend your valuable time on or simply another scam site not to waste your time on, reading this post in detail will help you discover the hidden truth and fact about the same.

This review is based on my personal experience as a Beer Money Forum member thus meaning that whatever I have shared below is a fact and something I have witnessed my self. Like you all know me, I am not a kind who loves jumping into conclusions about something before testing, and the same to this website.  is a website where anyone can join. On this forum, members are allowed to post everything for as long as it has value. Posts or refer to them as threads contain questions, answers, reviews and etc which are created by the different members. What I know is that if you can’t ask, at least you can answer and or, you are able to write a review or share useful information in the different categories of your choice.

Members of this Forum are awarded BMF points, which can be exchanged into cash and which is payable in up to 6 payment processors of choice and which includes PayPal, Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin and Skrill. 1000 BMF points is equal to $1. The minimum amount you can cash out on any day of your choice is 1000 BMF points which is $1. When you start a thread, you are awarded up to 50 BMF points. When you respond to a thread, you are awarded up to 20 BMF points. This means that the more you participate, the higher your chances of earning more points which are later converted into cash.

The site has a limit when it comes to the number of threads you can start or post you can respond to. Unlike other sites which have a daily cap say of 10 posts, Beer Money Forum has a hourly rewardable limit of only the first 6 posts limited to 3 questions and 3 answers .

Members can post up to 6 threads and responses combined but can post unlimited which is not rewardable. The reset time is not standard since it varies depending on when posted the first post of the hour. For those who can make it every hour, fact is you can earn more points depending on the type of post be thread start or thread response as each has different earnings.

In order to cash out your points, there is a way to follow. You simply click on Donate / Redeem, to Mr. B, enter the BMF points to redeem, add a simple text including your preferred payment processor eg Redeem 10,000 BMF points to my PayPal email support[at] and send donation. Within a few minutes or hours depending on Mr. B’s schedule, you will be paid in your payment option.

BeerMoneyForum payment proof 2

Is legit or scam?

BeerMoneyForum payment proof 1

The site is legitimate. Yes, it is legit and paying members. I personally exchanged my BMF points for cash and was paid within a few minutes of requesting the redemption. You can confirm that by looking at the screenshot payment proofs above. If you are looking for a site to join and earn an extra cash, please consider joining and under this Ref link to benefit..

BeerMoneyForum Reviews! Is Scam or Legit? How it works

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