Benefits of Becoming a Legal Secretary in London

Benefits Of Becoming A Legal Secretary In London Approximately 311,000 people work in the legal industry across the U.K, the legal sector is worth about 26bn to the U.K economy and London is the hub of the legal industry. Many of the worlds law systems have been based on U.K common law and due to its reputation and rich history, the U.K is the jurisdiction of choice for multinational businesses and billionaire Russian oligarchs. The U.Ks highest courts are located in London, test cases and appeals are heard by the judges that sit in these courts.

Good barristers will find no shortage of work City, many of the countries top barristers and solicitors have based their chambers in London. Temple is just a short walk across the road from the Old Bailey. Temple and Holborn are the two main areas of the City for legal professionals. If you are a secretary or administrator located in London you may find that training as a legal secretary is a good way to increase both your income and job security.

What Does a Legal Secretary Do?

A legal secretary could be a man or a woman, they are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of a solicitors office or a barristers chambers. A legal secretary will undertake all the clerical functions required to ensure the efficient running of a legal professionals office. The role of a legal secretary could also be known as a legal assistant, administrative or executive assistant.

A legal secretary is not a barristers clerk, a barristers clerk performs an entirely different role. To find employment as a legal secretary you will need to take specialist legal secretary courses, if you are a school leaver you may find that a solicitor or barrister will employ you and pay for the training that you require, if you are changing careers you will most probably need to fund your own training.

A legal secretary needs to be familiar with legal documentation, court processes and legal procedures, they will probably benefit from a basic understanding of legal terminologies and legalese (which is like a language used within the legal profession).

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A qualified and experienced legal secretary will find that they have a varied and interesting day which will include a variety of tasks such as; sorting mail, mailing out documents to clients and to court, checking and directing emails, arranging couriers for important documents and document bundles.

Arrange appointments and manage the diary of the barristers or solicitors for whom he or she works, help in the collection and collation of material to be used in court, take evidence and statements from clients, assist in barristers court, an experienced legal secretary who has won the trust of his or her employer may even find themselves representing clients in court.

Qualification Requirements

To find work as a legal secretary in London you will most probably not require a law degree, a legal secretary diploma or good GCSE grades in maths and English will probably suffice but it will depend on the firm that you hoping to employment with.

There are professional bodies such as The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives legal secretaries and executives may find that joining a professional body increases their career prospects but it may require training. You will find a number of training organisations and colleges that offer accredited legal secretary courses in London.

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