Best 5 Investment Opportunities in Uganda Today

Best_investment_opportunities_in_Uganda_today Uganda is not only naturally gifted, but too a land of immense investment opportunities. Individuals, companies, businesses, Ngo’s, governments and etc have never ended their struggle to “get into” the Pearl of Africa for one reason, investing. The word investment is wide, and different people tend to define it differently well as the end meaning is always similar basing on the target mission.

Ngo’s tend to invest in Charity related work with the end result being helping the needy which leads to self sustenance. Companies invest in manufacturing and production of goods and services, with the end result being profit and etc. One big question many people with such an interest ask for, is what the best investment opportunities are in Uganda as that will help in doing what can yield the best returns.

In this post, I share with you the best 5 investment opportunities in Uganda today, basing on the current economic trends. If you are one who is ready, trust me this information will be very helpful to you. I took time, analyzed the different opportunities and made a conclusion on the best ones, and which is what I am sharing with you right here.

#1 Investment opportunity – Labor export


With majority of Ugandans unemployed, the need to find a way to make money both within and outside the country has been on the increase from the past years till today. People are continuously searching for all kinds of jobs so as to earn money and keep life going on. Investing in labor export, which including finding jobs in alien countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, Dubai and providing them with employees from Uganda is a booming business.

Many companies are doing so already, and are earning high from this investment option. All it requires is to legally register as a labor export company as per Uganda government rules and regulations, finding jobs from any other country, advertising your services so as to be known and delivering exactly what you promise. Trust me, you will have joined a booming investment which has a high percentage of return as we all know that “nkuba kyeyo’s” are very many.

#2 Investment opportunity – Construction


The construction sector is very wide. It involves public and private infrastructures including roads, dams, schools, hospitals, houses and lots of others. What people want delivered is quality service. And yes, if you are an investor, taking on this opportunity might open up your gates of making more money than you might think.

From a wide range of “to get involved” in depending on your major or expertise, construction is one of the best investment opportunities in Uganda. Many public infrastructures are demanded and the only people who can deliver them are those in this kind of service providing. Take it from me, if your company delivers quality, you will get onboard faster and get lots of contracts just like the like of Roko construction, R.C.C, Spencon and many others are doing.

#3 Investment opportunity – Consulting


Consultants and consulting service providers are well known when it comes to what they offer. Both governments, businesses and individuals at some point require the expertise of consultants. Be on the health, information technology, education, constructions, science, politics, project management, agriculture and all other sector, consultants are key in many of the projects which succeed.

If you want to do investment in Uganda, the consulting service is an opportunity which you can look into. Who you are does not matter but rather, what you offer and the quality you deliver is what stakeholders are interested in. This requires you to register your business name or company, get an office, recruit experts in your field and get started like how companies like Adams Oriental Technologies, Project and service consulting and etc does their work.

#4 Investment opportunity – Clearing and forwarding


Have you ever wondered where the goods and products people use in Uganda come from? Or do you know the percentage of people who are involved in the importation of goods including machinery, vehicles, items and etc from abroad to Uganda? If you really know what to, trust me this kind of investment will help you reach your target, of course making money.

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Business owners want to do business with clearing and forwarding companies who do good and quality work in addition to delivering in time. Be vehicle or machinery importation and clearing, goods or items, investing in this and setting up a well managed logistics company is what you need.

#4 Investment opportunity – Agriculture with Fisheries inclusive

agriculture and fishing

Back in the days, many people used to enjoy the BIG fish caught from the national lakes. But as of today, many are resorting to small ones including the “mukene type”. But have you ever wondered why? I asked a friend and he told me that the BIG fish is always exported since it is where high returns are compared to local markets. You can invest in fish export or local market supply. Besides, you can even farm your ow fish for more returns now that fish laws are tough on lakes.

Additionally, Uganda being naturally gifted has an advantage of seasons. Be millet, soy, sorghum, coffee, cassava and etc, those foods are highly on demand both local and international. Investing in agriculture with fisheries included is an opportunity which one can’t miss. The reason, high returns coupled with un-ending demand. You can invest in agriculture for export or local supply. Trust me on this, you will earn like a “Mugaga”.

BONUS: I addition to the best 5 investment opportunities in Uganda today, there are lots of many others alternatives you can go for. These may include but not limited to finance, banking, web designing, real estates, advertising, education and many others. Still stuck on what you can do? Oh yes, feel free to give me a call or whatsapp and we talk about it

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