Best applications for creating a logo on your smartphone

Best logo apps 2020What is the logo and its purpose? Creating a logo is not the most important, but one of the key tasks when opening a new business. The logo is a trademark with which you can immediately identify the company’s specialization, display the individual features of the company or trademark, and then subsequently use it for further promotion, for promotional products and the formation of the company’s corporate identity.

At the initial stage of your business, most carefully consider their funds and begin to value their time if they have not begun to do it before. And often they face constraints both in resources and in time. If you have such a situation, you should not spend too much time and money on creating a logo.

In addition, except to order from the designer, there are other possibilities to create a logo. Perhaps you will be somewhat surprised to learn that smartphone users today can find quite a few logo creation applications on online store. After all, Android and iOS are well-known operating systems with a wide range of applications on mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets.

What are the advantages of creating a logo using applications on your smartphone?

  1. Quick result.
  2. Low price (if the application has a paid version) or completely free.
  3. There is no need to involve a designer or have any experience in design.

Try to implement the design on the touch screen smartphone on your smartphone. Learn more about useful design apps here.

What applications should try to make a logo?

Each application has its own interface, useful features, and advantages, which can be assessed directly when working with them. The most thoughtful and functional applications for smartphones include:

  1. Logo Maker Plus

The submitted application aims to create custom designs for logos. The main advantage of this program is a significant number of templates that are fully ready for use and are contained in the tools. In addition, they can be used to obtain a unique image or inscription.

The available categories on the panel are marked with symbols, which simplifies the search and selection of the required function, and allows you to customize the toolbar. You will be impressed by the extensive selection of effects that will allow you to adjust the icon to your liking. And all sorts of additional elements will help make it difficult and interesting. The downside to the free version of this application is advertising, but with regular use, it makes sense to purchase an extended account, in which there is no advertising.

  1. LogoMakerApp (Iris-group)

The application contains ready-made templates, an impressive number of tools and an excellent range of effects, make it indispensable if you need to get a really interesting logo. And it also provides original spectacular stickers.

  1. Logo Generator & Logo Maker (from Light Creative Lab)

The user interface is very easy to use, allowing users to create attractive logos in the shortest amount of time. Even if you are not a designer, professional editing tools and a color palette will surely please you. This application also has a good selection in the image gallery, at your location there will be about 2000 templates of different icons, divided into categories. Also in the application, you will find more than 100 different fonts.

  1. Logo Maker-Logo Creator (by James Thomas Carter)

The application has about 1000 sample layouts of different icons. It also has a rotation function in 3D measurement. In the logo, you can use about 30 different textures, which will help make it more unique. A wide range of editing allows you to develop original design ideas.

  1. Designer Logo Maker
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A program that contains a wide panel with specialized tools. Users like it due to stylish effects, the program saves images in a universal extension PNG. Unfortunately, the application has advertising.

  1. Logo Maker (created by Universal Apps Center)

This is a free application that is suitable for creating a logo of varying complexity. It provides the function of editing and a colorful interface which allows you to quickly understand the principle of its work. It is worth noting that its spectrum contains more than 150 templates, which will be an excellent base for future logos. You will also pleased with the abundance of fonts in various stylistic decisions; their color and size change in just a few seconds.

The “chip” of this application is that the finished logo can be published on social networks – on Facebook, for instance.

  1. Logo Maker Free (from developer Pakistan Eagles)

Its undeniable advantages are a luxurious color palette, stunning fonts. Editing functions allow you to resize, as well as rotate the icon and font. The logo is saved in PNG format on a transparent background.

  1. AAA Logo

In contrast to the above apps, this supports the creation of logos in several languages. However, the interface is fully presented in English. The main purpose of the program – the creation of logos. However, it is quite suitable for drawing buttons for websites, to create business cards, forms, brochures, and other printing.

After installing the application, you can have a lot of logos and templates. One or the other is sure to fit in a personal case. It is possible to choose the primary design for the logo. There are several. In the future, the design is allowed to make any adjustments.

Each of us dreams of becoming financially independent. To do this, at least, will have to open a business and get your own logo. It is thanks to him that potential and regular customers will be able to guess exactly what the organization is in front of them and what it does.

At first glance, it may seem that the creation of a logo is a complex activity that can only be done by specially trained people. In fact, the logo can be drawn on their own, using one of the popular programs presented above. By the way, these apps are quite suitable for creating invitations or business cards.  All these applications for creating a logo are popular, tested by hundreds of satisfied users who have already received brand logos. Moreover, for your smartphones, there are thousands of other useful applications that will help you in business and at home.

How else to try to make a logo on your smartphone?

If you do not want to install applications, looking for the easiest way to get a beautiful original logo, then just try to create it online. On different websites of the online generator, you can easily create a themed logo, made in the desired style. A large number of icons, a variety of fonts and convenient editing tools will help to get a good and high-quality logo, both in a raster (PNG, JPG) and vector (PDF, SVG) formats.

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