18 Best CMS For Practical Website Development

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CMS For Website Development

Whether for personal or business, having the best CMS is esssential when it comes to website development. With thousands of free, paid and open source content management systems available today, choosing one suitable for the type of website you are developing is in many cases a difficult task.

The likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, etc with all being described as fit for “any” type of website makes it even more harder. For example, to build a magazine, one needs to make use of supported themes and plugins which will output the exact site matching the magazine features.On the other hand, an app developer would want a CMS which supports all feature of such a site and design, just like a professional blog requires.

That is why having little or no information about what the best CMS practically fit for the type and kind of website to be developed might end up making one choose the wrong choice. Additionally, the ease or difficult any particular content management system can also determine the choice to make. Making comparisions while testing can also help in determining which to use.

Whether you are an advanced user, a professonal, a beginner, etc who wants to try or create any kind of website, this article is for you.

11 best CMS for practical website devlopment

#1. Joomla

Joomla is a free and open source content management system which users can download for free, upload and create professional looking sites for example a forum powered by almond.

#2. WordPress

WordPress is an open source Content Management System which is often used as a blog publishing application, powered by MySQL and PHP . It has thousands of features which include a template system in addition to a plug-in architecture and it is estimated that WordPress CMS is the most common used one when it comes to creating blogs and websites the professional way.

WordPress is well known for developing, creating, managing and editing almost all kind and type of websites easily for example a question and answer site. With thousand of themes and plugins, you are ready to start your site in minutes. Best of all, updates are released on a regular basis which allows users to get new and additional timely features.

#3. Concrete5

Concrete5 is a toolbar support content management system which gives users an opportunity to easily edit and manage their websites directly from the tool bar.

#4. Drupal

Drupal is one of the mostly used free and open source content management systems around the world for creating the different portals. Also, it is known for having a lot of plug-ins to use.

#5 Contao

For those who are looking forward to having a professional looking site fitting the type of work you are involved in, contao is the choice.

#6. Pligg

With Pligg, creating a powerful social networking website like Facebook is something which can be done in minutes. It is very simple and easy to configure.

#7. CMS Made Simple

Like the name suggests,  CMS made simple is another open source content management system which serves a function of being faster and easier when it comes to creating websites. Also, it is suitable for both the large and small type of businesses.

#8. Zikula

Zikula is a well known content management system which combines both features required in running an eCommerce portal, a blog or a community website. If you want to create any of the above, you aren’t late yet.

#9. glFusion

If you are interested in creating a website, a forum, a photo gallery, a download site or a forum, glFusion has been trusted by many just for that.

#10. PyroCMS

PyroCMS is a  simple, easy and light weight content management system you should try out if you are results oriented.

#11. AdaptCMS

For whatever you need to do for your website be it adding pages, categories and others, a test of AdaptCMS can work for you.

12. B2Evolution

B2Evolution is a multi lingual, user, blog and others, publishing system which is too backed by MySQL database and too written in PHP with inclusive of very many features to choose from which were built from basing on the traditional blog tools and now extended, evolved and included in B2Evolution with features like Photos, files, multiple blogs and others.

#13. OpenBlog

For those who love Blogging and take it as a hobby, then OpenBlog is one CMS to try out. It is so simple, easy and developed on a CodeIgniter-PHP framework.

#14. DotClear

DotClear is another must to try open source content management system for Bloggers.

#15. ShareTronix

ShareTronix is another open source micro-blogging platform content management system with the Share-tronix feature which allows users to exchange ideas in time.

#16. BoxBilling

Are you running a billing associated website or Blog, BoxBilling is your choice since it gives you the option for free invoicing and billing, payments, and many refer to it as a client management application as its automated.

#17. Chyrp

Chyrp is a very lightweight content management system which is too powered by PHP in addition to having plenty of themes to choose from.

#18. Pixie

Whether you want to run a small, medium and bigger company site, Pixie is your choice to try out.

18 Best CMS For Practical Website Development

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