Premiere XC-1000/XC-2000 Benchtop Centrifuges With Timer, 4,000 RPM, 6-Place Fixed-Angle Rotor, Non-Refrigerated Reviewed

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Premiere XC-1000 Benchtop Centrifuge with Timer, 4,000 rpm Single Speed, 6-Place Fixed-Angle Rotor, Non-Refrigerated

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About, features, reviews, advantages and pricing

The above product is fixed-speed benchtop centrifuge which is used when it comes to spinning fluids of different densities into separate various parts. Supports up to 1 to 60 minute timer (hold function), last operation settings memory, comes with a Includes 6-place rotor for 10mL or 15mL tubes, speeds of up to 4,000 rpm and many others. Its is a “basic, effective, scientific centrifuge”. Its priced from as low as $245 or less. Out of the many reviewers, the product has mainly 5 star ratings and which is a sign of it being the best among others.

Premiere XC-2000 Benchtop Centrifuge with Timer, 4,000 rpm, 6-Place Fixed-Angle Rotor, Non-Refrigerated

Premiere XC-2000 Benchtop Centrifuge

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About, features, advantages, reviews and pricing

Like the above, this supports speeds of 1,000 to 4,000 rpm, stops when lid opens for safety, last operation settings memory and others. Its priced from as low as $245 and less and has 5 star ratings from customers who have bought and used it.

Windup: Regardless of whatever you may be interested in for as long as it has something to do with centrifuges and regardless of where you are eg in Africa, Uganda, US and others countries, C & A Scientific where these products are from might be worth to try out.

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