2019 Best Small Scale Profitable Business Ideas In S. Africa

business ideas in south africa profiting South Africa is a land which is full of ideas and opportunities which when made use of, one can eventually make money and fulfill his or her dream of making it. If you are looking forward to exploring the best small scale but profitable business ideas, opportunities and investments in South Africa this year, this article takes you through the top best 2019 profitable ideas and which you shouldn’t miss out.

Yes, I took my time, did my research and came up with a list of the top 5 best profiting ventures for 2019, anyone can try and make real money in South Africa just like People make real money doing different business activities in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and other countries. The reason for this is the commitment and trust they put into their investment areas, and which can help to turn dreams into reality.

If you are one of those who would want to start your own small but profitable business, all you need is simple, to take a few minutes off your time and go through this guide. Below are the best 5 small scale profitable business ideas in South Africa.

Foreign money transfer services

South Africa being a land of opportunities has one of the largest numbers of foreign workers. These workers are paid and from time to time, they want to send money back to their home countries and to families. Trust me, this is a booming business not only in South Africa but across all other countries which have foreign workers in place. You earn commission on every every qualifying transaction. The earning percentage is determined by the number of transactions made in addition to the amount being transacted.

POS Terminals agent

If you have a business where you operate from for example a shop, you can add a Point of sale terminal and help your clients clear all supported bills at your point. These point of sale terminals support a range of services including bill payment, money transfers and etc. Just imagine earning some defined Rand per sale made and multiplying it with the number of people who transact. One thing you need is to get connected to the Best POS service providers since that will guarantee you real profits.

Secretarial, photocopy and Printery service

Many people make photocopies. Many people create documents. Many people print and many people do many other secretarial services. Why not take advantage of such a booming business which has no limit? Whether you are operating a shop, restaurant or etc, a 3 in one machine and a computer requires a table space and imagine outside. All of the requirements are very cheap and easy to install in addition to requiring no expertise to run them.

Salon, hair making and beauty care

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Trust me, both women and men want to look good always. Be selling of such care products or even being involved in the real styling, you are on a sure deal to get clients and earn from work done. This salon and styling thing requires being committed and knowing what exactly you are doing. Women will always come back to one who made them look good and so to men. When you talk a walk on the different related streets and centers, you will be amazed by the number of beauty centers, and the number of people (especially women) involved in hair styling, which means that this is a real business opportunity.

Food selling

A high population means high demand. Food being a basic need for everyone, those who are read to be involved in the selling and distribution of foods stuffs including drinks can make real money. When we get sick, doctors recommend that we should improve our dieting and which means eating. Therefore, the demand for food stuffs is known as constant regardless of the situation, and a business opportunity to take on.

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