Best Web Layout (BWL Plugins) & System Status Are New WordPress Features

Have you already seen these new features in the just updated WordPress 4.0.1? If not, you should update your CMS right away to the latest version so that you can get access to these new features am referring to – The BWL Plugins aka Best Web Layout and the System status.

When one of my sites updated automatically, I never thought that there was something new which would amaze me and as usual, I simply deleted the message and continued with whatever I was doing. But guess what, after some short time, I had to log in to approve some comments and its where I came to learn of the new features. You see, learning never ends just like the different Word Press Guides never end.

I saw a new menu [BWL Plugins] on the list and I was so scared thinking that may be, someone had hijacked my site already but which wasn’t the case after I discovered that these looked to be the new features. Don’t forget to check out whats coming in WP Version 4.1

When you click on the BWLPlugin menu, you are taken to a page where you will see your installed BestWebLayout installed plugins including those which are recommended.

Clicking on the System status will take you to a page where you will be able to see the statuses of your Environment including Active plugins and their versions for example the Operating System, Server, Memory usage, MYSQL Version, SQL Mode, PHP Version, PHP Safe Mode, PHP Allow URL fopen, PHP Memory Limit, PHP Max Upload Size, PHP Max Post Size, PHP Max Script Execute Time, PHP Exif support, PHP IPTC support, PHP XML support, Site URL, Home URL, $_SERVER[HTTP_HOST], $_SERVER[SERVER_NAME], WordPress Version, WordPress DB Version, Multisite and Active Theme.

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Am sure you now have a clue on what you expect to see the moment you update your site to the latest version of WP.

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12 Responses

  1. Phil says:

    Do you install the recommended plugin in the status? Oh I did and my site crashed. My hosts problem but was backed up!!

  2. David says:

    Well said. I just updated my core to WP 4.0.1 after reading this and found it great. You are an explore. Just shared your post.

  3. Unsigned says:

    Think about te site memory limit. This has been a tag from web hosting co’s who fake it. No we can see it via dashboard. WordPress is better CMS.

  4. Jamal says:

    The ability to show site status on everything is fantastic for wordpress coming versions. We can see everything at glance. Great post.

  5. JK says:

    This wordpress 4.0.1 security update is marvelous. Its fixed so many bugs while brought in many features. Thanks to the development team for WP.

  6. User says:

    Best web layout for wordpress plugins is an awesome feature. You unleased the hidden one. Am off to update my core thanks.

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