Blocking “Beat With A Shovel The Weak Google Spots” Spam Keyword From Google Analytics Data

This isn’t a mistake but something real. Lets block this keyword spam from your GA analytics For you use Google Analytics to track traffic to your website or blog, you must have encountered already this keyword and search “beat with a shovel the weak google spots” in your logs.

I myself have too seen this keyword in one of my clients website stats and I am wondering what exactly it is and what “beat with a shovel the weak google spots” means on a site which has no article and nor any post with the above keywords?

My client sent me a message complaining about that keyword being one of the top traffic referrers every time he accesses his Google Analytics data. And however much I explained to him that I know nothing about it, he seemed not to understand what I meant for he insisted that I knew what it was bt never theless, I managed to find a way similar to this Blocking “Ghost Spam Is Free From The Politics” Spam Keyword From Google Analytics Data

The fact being that I had no info with regard, I decided to write this post and ask from you if you ever encountered this and how you managed to go past it. For sure, I too hate it seeing a non relevant keyword being one of the main referrer when it comes to hits on any site be mine or for my client.

The bigger question is how to get rid and or to block this “beat with a shovel the weak google spots” keyword from the GA account? But if you are in the same boat with me, below are some possible solutions you can try out.

Blocking the “beat with a shovel the weak google spots” keyword spam from the Google Analytics

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1. Log into your Google analytic account and to the site where this is showing.
2. Click on Filters, new filter and name it the way you want for example Spam.
3. Write the words “beat with a shovel the weak google spots” without quotes in the Filter pattern and save.

Please note that Filter pattern is located under Custom Filter, Exclude Filter. By saving, I have a hope that you should stop seeing that same keyword after sometime. This is what I used and it seems to be working fine. But if you can, try to clear that keyword data and monitor again.

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