Blocking “” Spam Keyword From Google Analytics Data” Spam Keyword Learn how to block this Spam keyword “” off your Google Analytics account data. We saw how to deal with stop Beat With A Shovel The Weak Google Spots, and many others spam keyword off your Google Analytics account data, like you may see them onsite, and this time round, lets look on how to get rid of, and block this “” spam referral

There is no such a good thing than keeping only the required data in your analytics right. And that is one reason I hate spammers and whatever technique they use to fake blogs and sites about everything including comments and traffic hits. That is why I am sharing with you one easiest way which when used can help you fight Spammers and their ways including this “” off your analytics data and forever.

Please note that its not only happening to you but rather, to very many webmasters out there. And for you don’t have a Google Analytics account and nor your website or Blog linked, it definitely means that you will never see this since this spam info is only found in your account. I personally tried numerous times to visit this site but guess what, the site only has promotional link to Clickbank which is described as finding eBay products to sell in your own store. And in no way it has a link referring to this URL.

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What to do to block “” Spam Keyword off your Google Analytics account data

1. Log into your Google Analytics account and access the admin interface of the site you want to initiate the block.
2. Select all Filters, new filter and enter Ghost Spam under Filter name.

3. Select custom under Filter type and enter “” without quotes, under Filter pattern.
4. Save settings and you will be done.

If you know how to clear keyword data, do it so as to ensure that you do a fresh monitor of the same keyword just on case. Similar spam referrals include “” and others. Just stay watch of them.

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