Blog Success Tools – How To Monitor & Measure Performance

Blog Success Tools - How To Monitor & Measure Performance Find the best blog success tools to measure and monitor its performance. Having ones blog or website succeed as targeted is the ultimate dream of all Webmasters. Such a success can be monitored or measured through the use of the different analyzing tools most of which are free for use by the different providers although there are those which are paid for basing on the depth of the information one seeks to know. In many cases, different sites and webpages are set for a purpose which may be for promotional purposes, for earning purposes, for reputations, for sharing and many others although the owner or owners may be the ones who may be knowing why and for what.

And for the above, many end up requiring to determine and measure their sites success as compared to the main goals or reasons for setting them up and that is why they end up searching or the different monitoring tools for doing that. If you are one of those who have been looking for the different website and blog success monitoring and measuring tools, just keep reading since in the next few lines, you will be able top discover a good number of such blog success tools which you can use.

Website And Blog Success Tools Updated 2016

Webmaster Tools

With almost all major search engines like Google, Bing and others offering the free Webmaster Tools accounts to Webmasters, the same tools can be used to measure and monitor success of the different Blogs and sites. Being free to sign up, one can be able to see more than a single data with regard to his site for example the keywords used to arrive on a site, the crawler errors, site map submission and error detections, how search engines see your site, the incoming links and many others all of which when combined can help one to judge how far and where any given site is when compared to the set targets.

Google Analytics

This is another free feature rich tool from Google. Whether you want to track and compare the different performance of your site for example the traffic data, the keywords data, the geographical location of your site visitors, measure advertising and campaign performances and any other, this tool will surely help to do the work.

Alexa is more than a website ranking tool since one can as well discover the different issues with his or her website/blog for example the sites which are linking to ones site, the keywords which are used to land on site, the traffic stats as in where the visitors are coming from, the percentage of site traffic when compared for example search, referral, social and others. Free users are limited to little info and for paid users, you can get all the information you need.

This is a free tool for plagiarism checking. We all know how a website articles being copied and duplicated may be harmful to the website rankling not so? True, this tool will help you to stay aware of where you contents are being used and or duplicated which can help you to take action. They also provide badges which can be embedded onsite for plagiarism prevention.

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This is like Copyscape above although for it, it provides a more indepth analysis of your contents – word-to-word.

Just like the word sounds, this is a tool for checking your website and or blog Google page rank. It is known that having a good page rank is a success sign and many webmasters will strive to have their stes attain page ranks.

Keyword Position Tool

This is a tool which will help you to determine how your website keyword ranks ion search engines when compared with other similar sites you share a similar keyword.

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