How To Book Cheap Kenya Airways Flight Tickets Online

Kenya Airways Home page This guide is on how to book cheap Kenya Airways flight tickets online. If you were wondering how easily you can go about booking a ticket to your destination through Kenya Airways and right from the comfort of wherever you are be home, office or even on the go, this tutorial is what you need as it contains every detail with regard right from how, where and etc.

Kenya Airways is one of the leading flight service provider with a range of destinations in Africa, Asia and Europe. According to Wikipedia, Kenya Airways was considered one of the leading Sub-Saharan operators ranking fourth among the top ten African airlines by seat capacity, behind South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and EgyptAir in January 2013.

If you have made a choice to fly with Kenya Airways but still wondering how to catch up with your busy schedule in order to make your bookings, this article will take you through the step by step guide on how to book cheap Kenya Airways flight tickets online using your computer, mobile or an app. All you need is to follow the simple procedures below.

How to Book cheap Kenya Airways flight tickets on PC

1. Begin by visiting Kenya Airways portal
2. Hover on Plan and Book, and click Book flight.
3. Chose your choice eg Return, One way or multi destination.
4. Input all including; Leaving From, Going To, Departure date and Return date.
5. Select the number of people corresponding to ages you will be flying with eg Adults > 16 years, Children 2-11 years, Infants < 2 years, Youth 12-16 years and Class eg Economy class or Business class. 6. Hit Book now button and wait for page to reload.

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Click continue, select your departure and return flight. You should see the total amount it will cost you. Once you decide, click continue and enter your personal traveler details and hit continue again. Confirm your booking and chose a payment option.Follow all additional steps and you will be ready to travel with Kenya Airways as simple as that. You can as well download Kenya Airways app from Google Play store and make bookings on the go on your smartphone..

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