Breaking The Mold: Craftsman Style Homes Are Stylish And Unique

Breaking the Mold – Craftsman Style Homes are Stylish and Unique

We’ve all seen the “cookie cutter” developments and neighborhoods before. Street after street, house after house, they all look almost identical. Sure, the color of the siding might vary slightly, or a neighbor decided to spice it up with a tree in the front yard. Still, the result is the same, a boring repetition of house design. While there’s nothing wrong for uniformity, it might not be what you want. When it comes to building a new home, you might be looking for something that speaks to you particular sense of style and individuality. There are few better ways to take advantage of the design process when building your home than to design a craftsman style home.

Craftsman Style Offers a New Level of Creativity

Craftsman style or “Arts and Crafts Style” homes (the name alone speaks volumes about this style of design) has been making a resurgence over the past 15 years, and has been working it’s way over from the west coast. Craftsman homes bring some new design ideas that you don’t typically see in newer homes.

Columns – Craftsman style homes add a little twist to the standard entry columns that are a popular choice for homeowners. With a craftsman home you won’t see the standard round or squared columns, but a tapered style set on stacked stone. This helps to add a unique and stylish feel to your entryway that you just don’t get with the standard cookie cutter homes.

Gable Brackets – Gable Brackets are something you won’t see on a standard home. A gable bracket is a decorative accent that adorns the top of an arch way. Such as where the peaks of your porch awning meet. Custom built gable brackets are another small part of the arts and crafts style homes that add a lot of style.

Dry Stacked Stone – Stone walls have always been as classy choice for homeowners and the craftsman style keeps the pace quite well. Dry stacked stone doesn’t have the visible grout that flag or cobble stone walls have, creating a unique aesthetic and really breathes some life into this style of home.

Do Away with Uniformity – One of the advantages to a craftsman style gives you as a homeowner more opportunities to play with the design of your home. Window sizes, shutters, trim, and siding are fair game when it comes to design. Craftsman style homes give you more flexibility to play with shape, size and style that most new homes simply don’t have.

Break away from the Norm

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One of the joys of building a new home is you get to do it your way, one of the few times in life you’ll get this privilege. Craftsman and Arts and Crafts style homes add a new level of flexibility that you simply don’t find with most newer homes. If you want the chance to play with the design and create a home exterior that breaks the cookie cutter feel then consider building a craftsman style. Take the chance to break the mold and build a new home that’s just as original and creative as you are.

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