Bricks Laying, A One Top Income Generating Activity In Africa

Brick Laying has turned and continuing to become one of the popular income generating, booster and make money activities not only in Africa but too in the different counties which make up the world, and an activity which is done by both males and females of the different ages including teenagers and adults either as a full time job or a part time source of income. During the past years, Bricks Laying was commonly known as a self activity which was done by those who wanted to enact houses made of bricks although for the previous years, there has been a constant change of how the different people have been reacting to the activity, and which has seen many join.

And due an increased demand for bricks by the different entities and who are willing to pay, many people including both the peasants and elites have joined and still continuing to join the Bricks Laying business and something which has forced many leave their elite known employment opportunities due to one reason or the other to join the rapidly growing business activity. In fact, bricks laying is one of the most top paying jobs and which can be done both with the traditional local way (manual) and too using the modernized way (semi automated and automated machine ways).

In many African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and others, the governments have shown interest in the bricks-laying activity where by those working in the sector are now formalized and eligible to receive all the support they need for example in terms of finances and other benefits like the semi automated and automated bricks laying machines which allows the makers to produce an average of between 1000 – 4000 bricks per hour as opposed to between 50 – 100 bricks per hour using the manual methods for example, when you read the Ugandan Local dailies, the RedPepper of August 19th, 2013 titles “Government Sets Aside Shillings 40 Billions To Fight Poverty” and too this Chimpreports published on 17-08-2013 titled “Sh40bn Allocated To Poverty Eradication, Says Museveni”,  you will notice that the provision of Bricks Laying Machines is one of the targets and which is aimed at eradicating poverty from the rural people.

Museveni added that Government would provide brick making machines with a target of ensuring the availability of cheap bricks adding that the Government would also build houses for teachers and medical personnel in the zones which were actively involved in the protracted armed people’s liberation struggle.

When the Bricks Laying takes place, there are usually two intentions by the ones who are involved for example using them for personal use as mentioned in one paragraph above while the second one being for commercial purposes and which involves selling the ready made Bricks in return for cash. And just like any other income generating activities which are done offline, the ones involved expected to earn good money and which is why both females and males keep joining the business activity in order to achieve their goals in life.

And you have been considering such activities to be for men only and or wondering the possibility for women to involve in bricks making, check out the story about what a 35 year old female teacher in Mundiri, Western Equatoria State did to boost her income.

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The salary I get is just to sort issues to do with small items for the house but when I make bricks say 10,000 pieces and I sell 1,000 pieces for every 250 SSP depending sometimes it goes up 300 SSP at the end am rich and I pay one year school fees because the business of laying brick goes well mostly during dry season as the season gets wet off course there is no enough sunshine to dry the clay you only have to exhaust enough so that the buyer are feed in times of need,” she said

And if you are out there looking for a way to boost your income, you can too try out Bricks Laying for Commercial.

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