Bubblews Bank Changes – Redeem Once Per Month, 30-90 Days Waiting Time & No Post Views Shown

With Bubblews continuing to grow day by day, the same applies to changes in the way the site operates. Many changes have been brought in place and among the recent ones being in the payment policy where the waiting time for receiving payments was risen down from 7 days to 30 days and now from between 35 days to 90 days which is a full 3 months. And additionally, every member is allowed to press the green redemption button once every 30 days for better payment tracking and management as their official post mentioned.

Bubblews is a site which did attract so many members ever since it launched due to their less restrictions and terms although these have been changing just like the site has been growing day by day. With barely a few months after the overall migration from the Old site look to the new one which many know as the New Bubblews, to me it all looks like many are beginning to loose hope about their future with the site.

Can’t imagine that its now clear in the way the site handles the different members basing on their nationalities for example those in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and a few others are subject to receive their payments within 30 to 35 days while others from countries in Africa who are known as international users are subject to 60-90 days of redemption waiting time..

And for those who have been trigger happy when it comes to pressing the green button on the site, that is a good bye since its now possible but only once in a month regardless of how much you have in your bank. And for those who have been avoiding huge amounts redemptions, there is no way to avoid it so far.

Something else, the total views of all posts are no longer being shown on the site, and something which has been reacted on with mixed feelings by the different members if you take a look at what people say on the different forums and other social sites.

All one can see are the total likes and comments on every Bubble while the views are off. In fact, the past days seems to have recorded a very low views and likes for the different Bubbles by the different members and which many attribute to members taking long without payments since their morale is low..

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With a lot of changes being put into action on the site, I really wonder what comes next… May be Bubblews should adopt new payment policies like it is for sites like Hubpages or others for the better of all members as that will remove the negative feelings by others being taken to be non equal..

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  1. Gucci says:

    Bubblews is nolonger an active and paying site. No likes, views or even comments. Members are sleeping lol. The site went to the ditch and members are crying fowl with their Arvind admin.

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