Bubblews.com Turns Fresh – New Look, New Features, New Terms

If you are a Bubblews.com member or a Bubbler, I guess you already know what am meaning. Its been a few hours since the site turned fresh with many new features introduced including a new look, theme and the way members interact while at the same time, some new rules have been introduced with some old ones being phased out.

These changes were anticipated to occur since the start of July 2014 after the were announced some months back as the site prepared for its phase 3 and one which many will remember in their make money online life. For many of those who have been used and known to the old look, they find it more harder to cope up with the new upgrade since it requires one to spend some time while figuring out and learning what’s new and how to make use of the site.

Back in the days when the site was running on the old look and theme, not only the 502, 504, 512, host, internal server errors used to occur but too, a lot of members were taking advantage of liking Bubbles without even reading them entirely since the like button existed on all pages like the category overview at the same time being clickable.

The user profile comments were also being used by so many yet nothing was readable for some time. Many members saw their accounts closed, deleted and warned due to the continued violation of the sites rules. And now that the Bubblews.com is fresh, below are some of the new features and terms you should know.

1. Multiple users (accounts) on same IP address allowed provided everyone maintains a seperate PayPal account.

2. The like button is only functional on full post view.

3. The dislike button was scrapted off.

4. The character count was put in place.

5. You can write a post and save it as draft for later use.

6. The bank shows the current views, likes, comments and the total. Whole life views scrapt off.

7. User profile modified with new look.

8. Free photos in place. You can use a free photo, upload your own or use a color.

9. Their Twitter changes to @GoBubblews.

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10. The redeem button surfaces only after one has reached $50.

11. Social share buttons modified with no share counts.

And many new others. I will add more changes here.

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