Bucket List When Visiting Sydney

When traveling to Australia, there are many things that you should see. From famous Ayers Rock right in the heart of this fabulous continent, to northern and western attractions, such as Point Samson Peninsula and Perth to the conurbations in the south-east, Australia offers a wide range of possibilities and options for tourists. However, if the time you have for Australia is not too long and you have to choose really strictly, probably the trademark of Australia is its largest city – Sydney, so that comes to the front as the most logical place to visit.

Mediterranean in the Pacific – This town satisfies most different tastes and needs. If you like the sun and the ocean, you can go to one of numerous picturesque beaches and enjoy the sun and taste the salt in the mild summer ocean breeze. It will not feel much different than spending a holiday somewhere in the southern Mediterranean or the Caribbean.

When it comes to particular beaches and resorts, the most visited patch of by-the-sea land in Sydney is the space between the beaches Bondi and Coogee. These two beaches stand out as a magnificent oasis in this generally arid continent. Knowing that only ten miles behind you the desert begins makes you feel even more enchanted by the beauty of this part of Sydney. The Bondi beach is a perfect place for adventure-seekers, surfers and wealthy people, as well, thanks to its well-endowed promenade. Coogee, on the other hand, is a great haven for divers, but it does not lack fantastic facilities for every pocket.

Night life Down Under – After a walk from Coogee to Bondi, you might like to taste the nightlife of Sydney. Although Australia is one of the best organized countries in the world (meaning also a bit unexciting), Sydney actually offers a vast array of options for people coming from all over the world. Many people who come to a foreign country decide to stick to the comfort zone and spend their stay eating at McDonald’s or other fast food restaurants. However, you should not miss having romantic dinner in one of numerous traditional restaurants in Sydney. Also, have a go at some national meals of Australia, such as dampers or lamingtons, in terms of cakes, or you can try something more extravagant, like the emu meat.

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After you have calmed down your stomach and tongue buds, you can go and treat some other buds in a deserved way. If you are on a business trip, you can contact one of many agencies that provider for high-class escorts to help businesspeople unload the stress accumulated from business trips and meetings. Also, such form of socializing can also help you get to know Sydney in a better way.

Sports spot – For people who are into sports, there is a real must-see in Sydney – Sydney Cricket Ground. As its name tells us, in this pitch you can usually watch cricket matches. In addition to that, this sports arena is used as a concert stadium, as well. The architecture of the place is breath-taking and just having a look at the green grass covering it will make your eyes relax and enjoy the view.

Of course, Sydney also offers the famous Sydney Harbor Opera House, but it is something everybody knows. We showed some better and some less known features of Sydney. When coming here, visit them and make your stay even more enjoyable.

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