Buganda’s BBS TV #Yewange, Embaga, Emikolo No’kwanjula

BBS TV Buganda #Yewange is BBS TV big “Emikolo, okwanjula ne’mbaga” show. Besides CBS radio stations, Buganda joined the Television broadcasting race when it unleashed the long awaited television channel which is code named “Eyaffe Terefayina”. On BBS TV Buganda, you are guaranteed of enjoying the different programs which are all dedicated all audience regardless of age, race, culture, religion and etc.

Among the different programs which are aired on BBS TV Buganda is #Yewange, the big and popular embaga, okwanjula ne’mikolo show which features wedding and introduction ceremonies. This program joins the likes of Bukedde’s Emikolo by Sanyu, same program by Shanita on Delta TV and many others you may knowing from your different favorite channels.

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As an “Emikolo no’kwanjula” favorite, I was amazed by the fact that as of now, Uganda has lots of local television channels which are airing a similar or related program. And do you know what this means to the viewers? Yes, getting the most out of this. The next you think of watching an introduction ceremony live on TV, may be you should try out BBS TV Buganda.

Like we all know, the winner takes it all always and so to this. Its time for us to find out who the winner or winners are in this race. And personally, I admit that I like all of the different shows aired on all the Digitally based television channels. How about you? I bet we enjoy!!

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