How To Buy Genuine Land / Lease Property In Uganda Easily


Owning genuine land in Uganda is what people aim for. The same applies to leasing properties including apartments, house rentals and etc. One common problem many face is when it comes to where and how to buy such properties. If you are living in Uganda and or outside the country, and interested in owning anything which you can only get after buying or even leasing it from the rightful owner, this is an article you should check out.

In this post, I share with you some of the very important things any one would consider first before eventually entering into such agreements involving the purchase, buying or even leasing of properties including land, houses, cars and anything else in Uganda. It is very important for one to understand who is selling, and in which capacity one is acting as. This will help you avoid making deals which non legitimate and genuine property owners, and something which will not only help you avoid being frauded but too ensure that what you have bought is a right property from the right owner or owners.

Many people fake and pretend to be legitimate owners of such properties. And many people end up buying ‘air” as a result. Rightful land, houses and other property owners only surface after such deals have been made and thus making the buyer wonder what he or she bought was all about.

On many occasions, efforts to trace the fake sellers end up fruitless many would disappear after making successful deals as a result. To be on the safer side, following the simple procedures and steps below might help you out in avoiding being cheated.

Understand what you want to buy – Making a final decision on what you are going to buy is very important. If you want to buy land for example, be firm and stick to land however much other deals like houses, apartments and etc come in. This will help you stay away from being deviated which will help you from making wrong choices which may being conned.

Make a choice on the location – Yes, it is very important for you to make a choice on the exact location where you want the property situated. This will help you make some research by yourself and using trusted dealers in understanding and tracing who exactly owns the property.

Find out who owns the land – Now this is one of the hardest parts in process. You need to thoroughly investigate who owners the property you have found out to be on sale for example the land or apartment or house. If the land is being sold through an agent, you will need to find what proves. If the house is sold by the bank, it is good to know why and who is the right owner. If the property is sold by the owner, ask for proof and at least try to do all necessary verification through the land ministry and etc.

Just in case you can’t do all the above, you should at least hire an advocate since every single detail will be legalized, and which will help you not to fall victim of theft in the name of property buying. Another option is buying such properties which are entrusted with well known agents and property dealers or managers since most of them have proof and are in direct connection with the real owners.

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