CampusEye – Ugandan University ‘Leaked News’ Portal When you talk about Ugandan Universities news, gossip, girls, hostels, videos, photos, campuses, events, sports, frat stories “flirt”, opportunities and others, the is that one other among the many. And yes, I personally reviewed this website and shared with you what you might have been missing out with regard. The fact is, that CampusEye is more than an eye but rather, that other site where you can find all about Gossip and related just like the many other sites with the difference being, Campus focus.

Back in the days when I was still at campus, a few things I never wanted to miss out were those interesting news, gossip and girls talk from the different campuses. And believe me you, I even paid for such kind of rumors, assuming one had them and wanted cash instead to share. This wasn’t only limited to me but rather, all those other boys and girls paid for the opposite, and just to know what was going on just like it is for the Campus Eye.

Seeing the and what it shares really makes me recall the past. And its unfortunate that as of now, I am a different class from what I used to be when I was still paying for those gossip. On CampusEye, you get exposed to the old and the latest leaked news, photos, entertainment, gossip, videos and very many others and for your browsing time. There is no more need of paying for such just like it was back in the days.

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Talk about what is happening in other universities, those trending in opportunities, events and partying. You can too explore and get to know what “those campus ladies and gents” do to earn a living both in the inside and outside university. Interesting stories, exposures, city Tycoon talk and campus gals, etc. This covers Universities like Makerere, Kyambogo, Gulu, Nkozi, UCU, KU, KIU and many more like you know.

Interestingly, I found out that this Campus styled site ranks in the top two hundred in Uganda on Alexa ranking. Read the top 50 sites in Uganda as listed on Alexa here. One more, during my review, I found out that the contents of the site are best to be viewed by some ages since the stories are really captivating. Oh yes, its one of those I see.

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