Can I Download Music To My iPod Without iTunes?

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Download Music To My iPod Without iTunes

The iPod is essentially one of the most popular devices Apple ever created. You could say that they’re a “legacy product.” There was a time when you didn’t walk around with one of these – you didn’t know how to listen to music. 

However, with the iPhones gaining more and more features, the iPod seemed to have faded into the background. 

But that’s the problem. 

iPods were a timeless creation, and they can still very well be used today! 

Most people are under the impression that just because Apple hasn’t come out with an iPod for a couple of years now, it’s a totally useless device. 

But it’s not! 

You can still use it to rock out to your favorite tunes! 

That leads us to the question people wonder about the most. With iTunes gone following the macOS Catalina update, can you still download music to iPod? Yes, you can! 

With the right program, you’ll find that downloading music to your iPod has gotten easier than ever before! 

Now, you might be wondering, what is the right program we’re talking about here. Well, it’s WALTR Pro. 

Whether you have the iPod Classic, the shuffle, or one of the newer iPod Touchs, WALTR Pro is all you need to get all of your favorite music on there!

How to download music to iPod in 2021

The first thing you need to do is find your iPod from whichever drawer you buried it into years ago, grab a charger, and turn it on. Once it’s on, it’s ready to receive music!

Next, you need to download WALTR Pro onto your computer. To do this, visit the official Softorino website for WALTR and click on one of the two download options. 

You can try the software out for free or pay for the full version if you’re customizing your Apple devices frequently and want access to all the features the program has to offer. Whatever floats your boat! 

Once the download is completed, and you’ve installed the software, open it up to get started! 

Although there are a ton of things you can do with WALTR Pro, we’ll be focusing on downloading music. 

To do that, connect your iPod to your computer. 

That will differ according to the generation of the iPod you have. The older models will have to be connected via a USB, while the newer ones could also be connected over Wi-Fi; both ways work well! 

Once it’s connected, it will show up on the main home screen of WALTR Pro. So you have the destination sorted and ready to go! 

But there’s one thing we’re forgetting, the music! When you’re transferring music onto a device, there are two scenarios.

  • One where you already have the music on your computer
  •  The other is where you need to acquire it first. 
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We’ll be going over both cases. 

Music is already on the computer 

If you already have the music on your computer. After your iPod is connected and shows up on WALTR Pro, all you need to do is grab the music file and drop it on where you see your iPod! 

That’s it. 

Whether your file was in common.MP4 format or a totally different one that you accidentally downloaded from somewhere and have never been able to play, it will automatically be converted. While it’s being sent to your iPod and be perfectly playable! 

Music isn’t already on the computer 

Sometimes there are songs that you want on the iPod but you don’t even have them on your computer!


Typically it would be a long, strenuous process to even get the music onto the computer.

Convert it, jump through a gazillion hoops, make a holy sacrifice and then get the music on your device. 

But with WALTR Pro, you can skip right to the end! 

You can either visit a website to download music as a file or convert it from a website like YouTube instead. 

If you want to convert it, you can take things one step further with Softorino YouTube Converter 2. Using this converter, you can simply type out the name of the song or audio file you want on your computer, and once it opens up, toggle the download settings and click “download.” It will automatically download the audio file on your computer! 

This way, you’ll know that you’re downloading it from a safe and secure source. So there aren’t any threats of pesky viruses sneaking into your computer, which is how we’d want to keep it! 

Once you have your song on your computer, just follow the same procedure as before. Grab it, and drop it on to the location on WALTR Pro where it shows your iPod! 

And you’re done! 

Using WALTR Pro is the easiest and safest way to get your favorite songs on your iPod. There are no hassles, no confusions. 

Everything is on the main page, and you don’t even need to dig through your files manually to find anything. Just grab it and pretty much throw it onto your iPod, and it’ll be in your native music app, with all the artwork and everything, waiting to be played, like the good old days! 

Can I Download Music To My iPod Without iTunes?

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