Can You Earn More With Ezoic Vs Adsense?

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
Ezoic Earnings

A lot has been said and written about ezoic earnings. Many of those who have been approved to join share how they have experienced a boost vs what they used when using Adsense alone. And from experience, at least I have myself been able to find an answer to this popular question of “can you earn more with ezoic vs adsense?”.

If you are an Adsense publisher using it alone, reading this review might help you decide on whether you need to join Ezoic, or stick to what you are currently using. In below, you will learn more on how to join, the key requirements, boosting your EPMV, accessing report, understanding earning drops and etc.

What is Ezoic and how to join?

 Intelligent Platform Built For Publishers

Ezoic is a Google Adsense certified partner. Through their intelligent automated platform, they allow publishers to test ad placaments, speed, UX, AMP converter, Layout tester, sizes, etc which helps them determine the best combination thus increasing their earnings, while providing visitors with the best experience.

In order to become part, a publishers site must meet the minimum requirements in order to have the site approved. These include but not limited to; a minimum of 10,000 (10k) visits per month, compliant with Google policies, have enough quality content and others as shown here.

How to connect your site

Integration cloudflare or WordPress plugin

Once you feel that your site meets the minimum requirements, you are ready to create your account and integrate your site. Ezoic site integration can be done in a number of ways including Cloudflare app, WordPress plugin and Namesevers depending on what one feels to be the best.

Site integration regardless of the option one chooses is very simple, and takes a few minutes to be completed. You can find help guide once you log into your free account under integration.

Earning with Ezoic

This is the most part which many publishers would want to maximize. Yes, and it is one of the reasons why many decide to join this certified partner network. In fact, it’s written that they are trusted by “10,000+ sites globally”.

Once your site is approved and integrated, the next thing is to install the Ad tester app inside dashboard and configure the different ad combinations. Your account manager can help you do the set up, or you can do it using the Chrome plugin available free from Chrome store. Either way, you are ready to have ads showing on your site.

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Accessing reports

Ezoic provides the best user interface to publishers. You can get detailed reporting when logged in depending on what you are interested in. From daily, weekly, monthly, etc, including big data analysis, you are able to access earning reports which can help compare and understand RPM, EMPV, Drops and declines, etc.

Increasing Ezoic EPMV

Ezoic EPMV can be increased if one applies a number this. I found some helpful tips on a post by quoted below which I believe when implimented can help you out.

  • Create many ad placements (placeholders)
  • Install and activate site speed app
  • Install and activate caching app
  • Install and activate PWA app
  • Use the Balanced optimization goal
  • Work around with your content

Can you earn more with ezoic vs adsense?

From experience, Ezoic does help you earn more vs Adsense alone. The option to test different ads and placements basing on the different users and how they navigate your site is a powerful feature. Unlike when you display an ad unit in a single location, here you have the opportunity to test different ads in the same location, and automatically.

Also, the extra ads units which are allowed can bring in some extra cash compared to when you are limited to a few units. The premium feature also helps those who join to get premium bidding which all help towards increasing overall earnings.

Overall, you are able to increase “ad revenue anywhere between 60% and 200%”. This too varies from publisher to publisher depending on the different factors like traffic, country of visitors, content type and etc.

Can You Earn More With Ezoic Vs Adsense?

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