Buy Airtime, Get 20% CashBack! SafeBoda Freebie

Every day, SafeBoda users enjoy up to 10% cashback when they buy airtime on the SafeBoda app.  This means that if you buy 10,000 shillings worth of airtime, you earn back 1,000 shillings.

20% Cash Back When You Buy Airtime

Guess what I just found out? This Good Friday, you have a chance to earn even more and up to 20% cashback when you buy airtime from your SafeBoda application. 

If you buy airtime between 12 PM and 2 PM this Good Friday, you will get 20% back to your Wallet, which is double your earnings. So, if you buy airtime worth UGX 10,000, you earn back UGX 2,000 instantly.

This SafeBoda freebie is a must for all users since it is giving you more for #DoMoreWithSafeBoda

Steps to earn 20% cashback from the SafeBoda app

  • Tap “Buy Airtime”
  • Enter “Recipient phone number”
  • Select “Amount to buy” or “Enter the amount manually if not available”
  • Enter “SafeBoda Wallet PIN” to confirm the transaction.  

A message with the amount earned will pop up alongside the cashback notification.

In case you haven’t set your Wallet PIN yet, follow the steps below since the PIN is mandatory before buying and transacting from your SafeBoda Wallet.

How to Create SafeBoda Wallet PIN

  • Launch the “SafeBoda app”
  • Tap “Buy Airtime”
  • Tap “Create PIN”
  • Enter “Preferred Wallet PIN”

Confirm your PIN and you are set to buy Airtime from your SafeBoda wallet.

Before buying Airtime, you are required to have funds in your wallet. You can get funds in your wallet by making a deposit using the deposit money feature within your SafeBoda application.

How to Deposit money to SafeBoda Wallet

  • Deposit from your Mobile money account by the following the app add money prompts
  • Get funds from SafeBoda riders
  • Exchange cash for a float from SafeBoda agent Kiosks

Final Verdict

SafeBoda is Uganda’s Super app that is designed to allow travelers worry-free when it comes to finding riders. From the SafeBoda app, users can order riders, Pay bills at the lowest charges, order food, shop online, deliver packages, and also buy Airtime. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For more information, WhatsApp/call the SafeBoad customer care number on 020050205

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