Cats vs Dogs – Which Pet Is Right For You?

Getting a new pet is not as easy as it may appear. It is true that a new pet will bring you smiles and lots of fun, but choosing the wrong pet can lead to quite a few hardships. Cats and dogs, while both adorable and fuzzy, are very different. People tend to fall into one of two camps; they are either “dog people” or “cat people.” Determining which animal works best for you is important.

It is important to take your housing situation into consideration as you make your decision. Cats make great pets for apartment dwellers or those who live in the city. Dogs require more time outside and make great pets for those who live in rural or suburban areas with big back yards. Renters may find that cats are better whereas homeowners may choose dogs because their dogs are well behaved and they aren’t concerned with potential damage.

Cats tend to be cleaner than dogs. Cats bathe themselves almost every day and tend to stay out of mud that dogs seem to love. Dogs can also hike up the groomer’s bill, but some short hair and smaller breeds are very low maintenance.

Dogs tend to be more expensive than cats, especially in that first year if you seek obedience training. The bigger your dog is, the more money you are likely to spend on him. The costs of toys, grooming and food will vary based on your choices as a pet owner and personal budgets.

Cats are somewhat anti-social whereas dogs are social butterflies. If nobody is going to be home all day with the pet, a cat is a much better choice than a dog. Dogs have greater social needs. If you go on vacation, cats will do much better than dogs while you are gone. If you have a lot of guests over, a cat is likely the better pet. Dogs are more likely to either jump on your guests or bark them into a corner. Your guests might appreciate the easygoing, laidback nature of the cat more than that of a hyper dog.

Dogs tend to be more affectionate. If you are looking for an animal that will bond with several members of the family, a dog might be the better choice. Cats tend to latch on to just one individual.

Cats are quieter than dogs. This is especially helpful to know if somebody in your home works odd hours or if you have a baby that needs quiet time for sleep. While cats do meow and get into trouble on occasion, they are nowhere near as loud as dogs.

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Dogs love to play. You can take dogs to the dog park or for long walks around town. You would be hard-pressed to find a cat that likes to play as much as most dogs. If you envision yourself playing with your pet at the beach, a dog might be the better option.

Some people truly feel that they need a pet to complete the family. You can make the perfect home for the pet of your choosing with some careful consideration.

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