Caxinthy 50 Pcs Disposable 3-Ply Disposable Face Mask For Mouth And Nose Review

Protect yourself and your loved ones from dust, bacteria, smoke, and pollen using Caxinthy 50 pcs disposable 3-ply disposable face mask for mouth and nose. Made from soft, odorless, and non-irritating materials, these masks offer up to with 3-layers of protection.

The 3 layers of protection include the dust filter layer, anti-moisture layer, and PM2.5 prevention layer which when combined offers real protection against not only coronavirus (see product description on the sales page) but also dust, bacteria, smoke, and pollen, which all decreases your infection chances.

Caxinthy’s 50 pcs disposable face masks for mouth and nose can be used for both going outside, in the garden, when painting, during construction, when doing nails, in salons, at the hospital (medical), for dental uses and allergy reactions.

The product is very light and breathable which makes it comfortable for use

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