Cell Phones And Driving – Safety Tips You Should Know

During the past decade, the topic of cell phone use while driving has gained a lot of popularity. This is mainly due to the fact that cell phone use is rapidly growing among the population. However, using a communications device while driving a car can be dangerous. Accidents caused by distracted drivers who were using a cell phone are on the rise. It is for this reason that drivers need to adopt certain behaviors that will reduce the risks of accidents.

Try Hard to Avoid Using a Cell Phone While Driving – The only way to completely avoid the hazards associated with mobile device use while driving is to refrain from using one. Make your phone calls and send your text messages before you leave. If someone calls you while you’re driving, let them leave a message and return their call when you arrive at your destination.

Avoid Conversations That are Stressful or too Distracting – One of the main reasons behind crashes associated with cell phone use is that the driver was distracted by the conversation and not paying enough attention to what’s around them. For this reason, you should avoid conversations that are too stressful, such as getting into a verbal fight with your partner on the phone. Also, avoid calls where you have to use too much “brain power”, such as business related calls where you have to calculate numbers in your head or try to remember what was said in a meeting from two weeks ago.

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Use a Hands-Free Device – Using a hands-free device such as a Bluetooth headset will allow you to keep both hands on the steering wheel while driving. Every cell phone now has a hands-free feature and various types of headsets are available cheaply. To make things easier, many newer cars now have a hands-free communications feature built in where you can make phone calls over the car’s audio system. This allows you to keep your hands completely free while you talk on the phone.

Don’t Text While Driving – Sending text messages, reading emails or updating social networking statuses while driving is an action that is extremely dangerous. It is actually much more dangerous than simply talking on the phone. This is because while looking at the phone’s screen, the driver isn’t paying attention to what’s happening on the road around them. It also reduces reaction times significantly. Remember that while driving, you always need to remain aware of your environment and need the ability to react quickly to unforeseen events, such as the vehicle in front of you braking abruptly. If you need to check your messages, the safest way to do so is by pulling over to the side of the road.

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Don’t Write Down Information or Make a List While Driving – This is another major source of distraction for a driver. Avoid writing anything down while driving and talking on the phone. Tell the other person that you’re driving and invite them to send you any important data via text message or email.

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