Centenary Bank Uganda, You No Longer Supports Company To Person Western Union Payments?

Western Union Centenary Bank Uganda If you are a Western Union customer and planning to transact with Centenary Bank to pick up money sent to you by a company other than an individual, you got to read this post, where I shared what happened to me when I attempted to do the same. And yes, I am sharing with you what exactly happened to me when I approached Centenary Bank Uganda Namirembe road branch to pick up my money sent through Western union from a global company located in Ireland. The experience I went through, and what I received was enough to put a question mark on the bank I have an account with, and the bank I have always used to pick my Western Union funds sent from the same company, and trusted for years

Yesterday the 22nd December 2015 is the day I am talking about. And as usual, it was at between 13 hours and 14 hours when I clicked into the Namirembe based branch and lined up in the longer and non-moving queue at the western union counter. I managed to hold it since I knew that others were transacting too, and something I had no problem with. I waited for my turn well as in due course, I started realizing something strange.

One man who was trying to send money possibly to Kenya if not mistaken wasn’t successful basing on the fact that he never knew the exact names of on the ID of the person he was trying to send the money. But of course, this is common. Many people can be long time friends with others but with none of them seeing another persons Identity card. Others get “Alien” friends or people from other countries through internet and none will ever see another’s ID.

From what I saw and heard, this man accepted the fact that he never knew the exact names and as per Western Union terms, it could have been impossible for the funds receiver to pick up the money just in case the names were not matching with those on the ID – By the way, that has ever happened to me as well.

My turn came in but guess what, I was never successful. I had filled the centenary bank western union money pick up form as usual with my information including the 10 digit MTCN, the senders names, the receiver names (my own names), money sent from, amount expected, test question, test answer, the signature and the date plus my phone number.

The teller attendant cross checked everything detail as usual and I was on a sure deal that I was going to get my cash, and something which turned out to be a wrong guess. Instantly, the teller cross the line of the sender (the Ireland based company name) and said to me, ” I only deal with Individual payments“, “I don’t deal with company payments“.

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Oh yes, I am an individual who was trying to receive funds from a company right? I left but,really wondered since when Centenary bank stopped paying western union funds which are sent by companies to persons or individuals? I searched for a related article on the net but in vain. I checked the bank’s website for an announcement but too in vain. This left me with this question on whether it’s only the Namirembe branch which doesn’t pay the above and or, all of the banks branches country wide. This situation made me recall what had happened to me in this same bank branch years back and still on the same Western Union counter when the teller refused to give me the money when having the right information not until I got the Western Union Mapeera branch contact phone number, called them about the issue and I was able to be paid. Indeed, I am wondering if there is something wrong with the WU teller attendant and or, something wrong with me as a person.

Anyways, I was able to get my Western Union money from a different bank – Equity bank Uganda, who paid me without questioning about the company and so forth – If any one from Cerudeb branch, I would love to know what your response about this issue is, and thank you in Advance.

KWS Adams

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10 Responses

  1. Akello says:

    Adams, that is Uganda and how our service providers behave. No wonder, what you went through is not new. I too encountered the same situation in Natete branch. The good thing is that other western union agents are willing to serve you. You can leave your account but suspend western union service. I still bank with centenary but on condition.

    • KWS Adams says:

      You are right Akello. One thing you need to know, a few months bank, my money “jumped” off my account back to where it had come from. I had done a service for a client who later paid me through Telegraphic transfer. But after a few days, my bank sent back the money without my knowledge only to get a text sms since am on centemobile. This confused me as to why money can be recalled back by the senders bank and my bank does it without consulting me first. Now just imagine how I lost my money after work done just because it was recalled. And until today, I feel no safe with any bank. That is why I prefer WU instead of TT or bank transfers since any time, they can recall the money. My decision is final. Me and all of my family have made a decision to withdraw from this bank. There is no gain if certain services cant be offered. Switching to me is the best. Thanks for commenting and sharing as well.

  2. Agnes says:

    This bank account holders have been suffering with long lines to change their ATM card pins. This came suddenly and all cards were put on hold not until one upgraded changed the pin. The process is tiresome although they call it a one minute. And now, they are not paying money sent by a company. Too bad for a giant bank like this. That is the order of the day here in Uganda. Its no surprise. Just expect more to happen.

    • KWS Adams says:

      I managed to change mine after waiting for more than two hours at mapeera branch. Those pos machines jammed from time to time. The lady on them was nice and she kept explaining how the network was off and on. I saw her communicating through IM about the issue and they would tell her to restart the pos machines. But after sometime, they machines worked again and I was served. Oh yes, you made me recall that and I am starting a fresh post right away…

  3. Gafabusa says:

    Okigambire nyowe, okizikire. OMG, what a bad experience? If it were me, I would not leave not until they give me the money. I would instead call the manager and explain. Centenary bank is real. The problem may be on the staff. May be they too use the order from above rule 🙂

    • KWS Adams says:

      Gafabusa, stop being funny. There is no way you can demand a payment when you have been told that they only work on individuals. And why create a commotion when I can leave and go to another bank or agent? I don’t know how it works on this Namirembe branch. But what I know is that I have always got money through that branch in the past. May be its a rule change. Lets wait and see if any one from the Bank will tell us why. Oh, yes, I saw their visitor log which lasted 4 minutes on this post but they never left a response!

    • Agnes says:

      Banks have security. You reject their demand, they forcefully throw you out. Why wait for that?

      • KWS Adams says:

        And who can wait to be thrown away with force? Unless one has a mental problem, they say go, I go. But I have no regret, they have helped me grow ever since I begun saving with them, its high time I switch.

  4. Nabukeera says:

    Centenary bank staff are like that. I also went through the same not until I gave up. May be it’s an indoor problem with the staff. You want money, you can never get it. Sorry dude but you learn’t a lesson!

    • KWS Adams says:

      Yeah, it was a big lesson for me. On most times, I receive money from Companies other than Individuals. This means that I will never make any attempt to go to this same bank for Western Union payment. There are many banks outside which are ready to pay and why waste time. I am even thinking otherwise for my 10+ year savings account on whether I should continue managing it or simply simply close it. I hate such experiences and its a reason I shared it here. Thanks for the comment Nabukeera.

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