Review – Is It Scam Or Legitimate? How Does It Work? How Do You Earn?

You have heard of and am sure you have so many things you want to know with regard to not so? No worry, this review will help you to know and learn what happens, what is it all about, how do you earn, whether it’s a scam or legitimate site, how it works, and very many other questions.

In brief, is a content revenue sharing site that many have taken to be the closet to which was once a darling to many internet money makers. CGP Gallery has a platform that is very similar to how Bubblews was working and is still working with a difference being on the look and the platform which each site runs on.

On CGPGallery, you are paid up to $0.01 per view, rating, and comment for as long as you follow the set rules and terms of operation. I tried the site and found it to be good as in working although am yet to find out whether they are legitimate for real and or just there like any other similar sites we have seen.

On-site, following the rules, seems to be the very first thing to note since failure to do so might make one not to realize why he or she ran away from to it :).

The site has a minimum payment threshold of $20 for other payment options like PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Payza, and others while $50 is required as a minimum for Bank Wire Transfers. Unlike Bubblews and other sites which pay monthly or allow one to request for payment only once in a month, CGP-Gallery is different since for as long as you hit the minimum payment, you can instantly request for your earnings through a support ticket send.

A few of their rules one should follow include the following as quoted on their site..

1 . Authors are allowed to post their own articles only.Republishing articles from other sites is not allowed in CGP Gallery.
2 . Authors are allowed to submit 10 posts daily.They can use post schedule option so that they can do so correctly.
3 . Authors con not comment in their own post intentionally unless it is necessary to reply.
4 . Authors can submit a post on payout after getting a payment if they want.
5 . Authors are advised not to mention CGP Gallery earnings or balance in their post.
6 . Authors can not submit a post requesting for comments or ratings.
7 . Authors can share their post once in facebook and twitter. But it is not allowed in Facebook group,Facebook page or sharing post link privately.
8 . Authors are not allowed to post obscene, defamatory content or images.
9 . Authors are not allowed to use others uploaded pictures.They can use image from websites that allow to use their pictures.
10 . Authors are not allowed to create tools, bots or proxies to artificially inflate their balance statistics.Fake traffic and bots will get noticed by our system.
11 . Authors are not allowed to create multiple ID by same IP.
12 . Authors are not allowed to insert any affiliate link / promotion link / online product in their Post/Article.
13 . Authors are not allowed to post series articles like ABCD Part-1, ABCD Part-2 etc.

Is Scam Or Legit?
This is the question many of you want to know. From what I have realized, the site looks to be legit although finally am paid, I will with you my final findings but at least, for now I can recommend you to join it.

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