Changhong CH-120 Single Door Refrigerator Review + Price in Uganda

This review covers the Changhong CH-120 single door refrigerator, a 117-liter fridge which you can buy in Uganda from as low as UGX 399,000. Inside, you will find the pros and cons of the Changhong CH-120 single-door refrigerator which has been described as the cheapest and most affordable brand new refrigerator in Uganda.

With little information showing up when you search for Changhong CH-120 single door refrigerator, I decided to share a piece of comprehensive information about this product, which has attracted the attention of many sellers, and so to buyers more especially those who are looking for cheap appliances like fridges.

Changhong CH-120 Single Door Refrigerator


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable removable shelves
  • Fits in tiny places
  • Easily organizable
  • 117 liters
  • 5 Years warranty


  • Produces some purring noise


Price affordability was the main reason I bought this Changhong CH-120 single-door refrigerator. At UGX 399,000 from Jumia, this is the cheapest price you can buy this product. Even if it was you, you will definitely fall in for this offer and make an order.

Features of Changhong CH-120 single-door refrigerator

  • Perfect for when you want a “ready-to-eat” meal on hand or to satisfy a craving.
  • Adjustable shelves make them easily organizable and removable
  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Gross capacity: 117L
  • Net Capacity:92L

You read it well. This Changhong CH-120 single-door refrigerator will fit in any corner be home or office. It requires very tiny space which allows you to save enough space for other uses. The fridge has adjustable, removable, and easily organizable shelves which allow you change to the way you feel suits you. With standard voltage of 220-240, you are ready to use minus worrying about power sources. The 117-liter capacity means enough storage for all your drinks.


The Changhong CH-120 single-door refrigerator demonstrates many pros than cons which makes it a perfect product you might want to buy. At the lowest price on the market off Jumia, you don’t have to wait unless you aren’t serious about buying the product.

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