Cheap iPhone 6 Screen Repair Kampala

iPhone screen repair KampalaWith very many mobile phone repair services around Kampala, Uganda’s capital, finding the genuine provider who will do the best work at a cheaper rate is not an easy task. If you own an iPhone 6 and looking for where to repair near you or get a screen replacement from, this guide is for you.

Like I mentioned in the above paragraph, Kampala has thousand’s of mobile phone repair shops and service providers. Many of these are located along William street in the different arcades. Good examples of shopping arcades where you’ll find iPhone parts and accessories are Mutaasa Kafeero plaza, Kizito towers, Kirumira, Rene plaza, Majestic and etc.

With such a number including other city center areas like on Kampala road and etc, it becomes hard to locate a cheap iPhone 6 screen replacement. But then, how do you managed to find that trusted dealer? I will show you how right below.

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The iPhone 6 mobile

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Featuring a handful of features and specifications, the iPhone 6 mobile is one of the devices anyone who knows the “power of owning a professional designed mobile” would want to own. For full device features and more, please tap the image above – as an Amazon LLC affiliate, I earn commission when you buy through our link at no extra cost to you. It’s like buyimng me a soda.

iPhone 6 replacement parts and accessories

This smartphone has a hadful of parts and accessories. Many of these accessories can be ordered online while some offline depending on ones preference. Some of the accessories you can buy for your iPhone mobile include but not limited to;

  • Screen replacement
  • Replacement batteries
  • Screen protector / gurad
  • LCD screen
  • Universal screen clip fixer
  • USB charging dock port
  • Main/rear camera module flex cable
  • Proximity sensor motion flex cable
  • USB cable
  • Charger

Note: You can buy almost all of the above accessories in Kampala on sites like Kilimall, Jumia, OLX and etc.

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Where to find Cheap iPhone screen repair in Kampala

You can find only be in position to find the cheaper repair service provider for your iPhone screen in Kampala eiother by referral or trying them one by one. With almost all techniciamn shops around the city performing all iPhone service repairs, there is no standard rate when it comes to repairing the screen.

Depending on whether you have already purchased your LCD or not, the cost will vary from place to place. One way of getting a quality service is accessing “trusted technicians” and which advise on who can do the task for you cheaply can be got from where you bought it. Also you can check on Apple’s link for additional deatils.

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