How To Check Your 2022 UNEB PLE Results

Check UNEB PLE, UCE, UACE & TECH Results

Here is how to instantly check your child’s UNEB 2022 PLE results on your phone using SMS text message, or online using an internet-connected device (phone or computer).

Following the instructions below allows you to access and check both the Primary leaving examination (PLE), Uganda certificate of education (UCE), Uganda advanced certificate of education (UACE), and technical examination (TECH) results.

The Uganda national examination board has released the 2022 PLE results. Students who sat their primary seven examinations and parents want to know the results. Sadly, many are wondering how to exactly check for their children’s PLE results immediately upon release since access to schools may take one long to know the results.

It is for the above reason I am sharing with you an instant way to check for PLE results directly from any mobile phone by sending a simple text message, and or online via an internet-enabled device.

How to check UNEB results Using Text SMS Message

  • Type PLE Index No and send to 6600 i.e., PLE 500/8769
  • Type UCE Index No and send to 6600 i.e., UCE U067/5780
  • Type UACE Index No and send to 6600 i.e., UACE U023/5011
  • Type TECH Index No and send to 6600 i.e., TECH UT090/0156

Note: You should leave a space between the examination type for example PLE and the student index number as seen above, and the SMS text message should be sent to 6600. You will receive an SMS text message notification containing the results whose student index number you entered.

How to check UNEB Results Online Via UNEB eReg Portal

  • Visit the UNEB eReg Portal
  • Enter your student Index Number
  • Click on the search button
  • Wait for the results to show up

That is all! You are done!

In case you can’t access either of the above, proceed to the school where your child sat the exams and obtain a copy of your results slip for the PLE, UCE, UACE, or TECH examination.

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