China India Uganda Consultancy & Business Services Review

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China India Uganda Consultancy & Business Services

Are you in Uganda, China or India and want to travel to either country? Are you a Ugandan seeking to travel India for Medical, Education and study purposes, Employment, businesses tours or for any other reasons? How about if you are in India or China and want to travel to Uganda the pearl of Africa for any of your reasons? China India Uganda Consultancy and Business Services is one provider you might consider trying out. I have reviewed their services so that you can know what you should expect, how they work, the services they offer and any other information you may need to know with regard, and all in this post. All you need is to read it whole.

This Is How I Imagined China!


China India Uganda Consultancy and Business Services are a one stop information center where one can check in for all consultancy and business related services with regard to traveling to India and China from Uganda, and or from Uganda to China or India. Located in the heart of Uganda’s capital Kampala, they claim to offer the best services when it comes traveling and touring to either countries for the different reasons including Study, Education, Finance, Employment, Medical, Vacation, Business, Goods Import and very many other services.


In order to allow anyone interest in traveling to either countries, China India Uganda Consultancy and Business Services works in such a way that they provider, suggest and recommend all information as per clients needs. For example, one is given a list of those best Hospitals which offer the best services for example in India together with the pricing, terms, where to accommodate and any other info. They do this by searching their information rich database and giving this to the client. Such information is very helpful since a client is able to make a choice over which is better and as well make a comparison between the different options available for example, the scholarship offers.



China India Uganda Consultancy and Business Services clients are the public. These include people who want to travel or tour either countries from their home countries to their target destinations. These can be students traveling from Uganda to India for Studying, Business people in India or China wanting to travel to Uganda for investment purposes, traveling for goods importation, a sick person for example with a heart problem traveling to from Uganda to India for medication, employees looking for Sponsored employer visas and many others. Anyone who wishes to travel from and to the above mentioned countries, and or those seeking just information about the different things are the target clients.


Consulting Services

1. Travel VISA Inquiries – If you are in Uganda and wanting to get an India or China Travel VISA, you get all information you need with regard. You get answers to all of your questions together with full guide on how to get started, where to get started, what you need and etc. Regardless of whether you are seeking for a Tourist VISA, A study (Education) VISA, Employment VISA, Medical VISA and any other including for spouses and etc. You get access to all of the above information and in once place.

2. Medical Consulting – If you are sick for example suffering from the heart and or any other health condition and want to travel to say India for medical purposes, you get access to a long list of Hospitals and others facilities. You can then be able to make a choice of which hospital for example you will afford basing on the different factors including but not limited to the total costs and or money you need for that in a particular hospital. You are guided on the different service providers and on ways to chose who the best is. They do this from their info rich database containing all medical hospitals and facilities in the different countries eg hospitals in India.

3. Accommodation Inquiries – From what I know, the it’s not an easy task to chose the best accommodation in a country where you don’t reside. Take an example of a Chinese or Indian business person traveling to for business tour. It may be hard for him or her to find the best accommodation around Kampala besides just hearing about the top star hotels like Hotel Africana, AYA Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel, Serena Hotel and any other. But how about a service provider helping this business visitor right from searching for the best and booking so when one arrives, everything is just in a steady way? This is an example of what China India Uganda Consultancy and Business Services offer to clients traveling to Uganda.

4. Travel Bookings – Whether you are visiting or traveling to Uganda from India or China, and or from India or China to Uganda, you are are helped with regard to bookings. From air ticket booking to hotels, this service provider claims to offer the best to clients – those who decide to trust and use them. In fact, I read some reviews about this particular service and I was overwhelmed by what clients say.

5. Education Consulting – Yes, if you want to travel to India to add on your existing knowledge, then you might want to try them. They claim to have a database of all of the best schools, universities, institutions and others in a range of disciplines. Whether you want to study medicine, technologies and any other or simply looking out for a free scholarship or scholarships, sponsored studies and any other, this can be a good starting point for you to go abroad eg from Uganda to India purposely for this.

6. Employment Advise – United Arab Emirates (Dubai), United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, and a few other countries aren’t the only ones where a Ugandan can be employed “go for Kyeyo”. India and China are some of the countries where one can go seek employment as per desires. This service provider claim to have a database of 1000’s of employers who are ready to welcome you. Once you search from them, you make your own choice on who to employ you. You have the option to select the kind of employment you need basing on your qualifications, and or let them make a choice for you. You can get both self sponsored and employer sponsored opportunities.

7. Project Management and Proposals – Project management is the order of the day be in Uganda or India and China. Businesses run Projects and so to people. If you want to succeed in business, then you need to manage it. The way you manage it depends and the type of business matters. This service provider claim to have a diverse multi profession and qualified staff who are ready to help you take your business not only to the next level but right from its inception. From writing project proposals, doing research and feasibility studies, doing monitoring and evaluation, soliciting funds through proposal writing and etc, they claim to offer the best services around town.

Travel Consulting


1. Timely services – There is nothing good than getting whatever you are looking for at the best time. One thing I know about this provider is delivering in time. If you are looking out for a scholarship for example and you are told to be back in a weeks time, that’s it. It will be a week and you will get the information you are looking for.

2. Best services – A best service is a quality one. Service providers who offer timely services tend to offer quality at the same time. This is one reason I chose to review China India Uganda Consultancy and Business Services. And yes, they did for me a service and I accepted it as being the best when compared with others who offer the same.

3. Value for money – When you compare the little you pay for the service eg consulting, it automatically qualifies to be the best value for your money. Money is important just like how value is. When you offer all the two, you are great. And it is what you get at this provider.

4. Very open – A no remains a No and a YES remains a yes. Quality service providers will work openly other than in a hidden mode. Involving clients at every step is what you expect when you chose this provider. I got this exactly when I was looking for a project proposal.


Medical Consulting

On this one I am very open. And at least every service provider or business has it. A few bureaucracy is expected during the processing. However, you can easily avoid this avoid this once you are very direct on what exactly you want. Sometimes its not them but rather, other providers who work hand in hand with them (their partners from other places).


Firstly, this service provider is highly rated by the different customers who have used them. If you take a look at the open place where people cast their ratings, you will be surprised by what people say. A 4.7 out of 5 star rating is enough to make you know the fact, and thus making me need not to add on anything. For you want to get the best out of the above mentioned services, I highly recommend them why? Just because they are best. To contact them, please call this number for guide +256752009001.

China India Uganda Consultancy & Business Services Review

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