Media Reviews – Scam or Legitimate? reviews You might have had of Cliquebook and wondering if it is a scam waste of time site or a legitimate and genuine way to earn extra income right? If you are reading this review, trust me you will get exposed to real facts you might have been missing out. Yes, I have personally reviewed this site and concluded by sharing with you my findings since in anyway, I am sure you are keen to know. is a free to join site in the world of PTC business. Just like how similar PTC businesses operate, members are paid to view, paid to play, paid to refer and many other options which all claims to offer one greater opportunities of earning and making an extra cash and income. By joining this site, one is adding up to the ‘claimed’ existing 57069 members who are said to have already been paid up to $57,350.69.

Cliquebook claims to pay members up to “$0.02 per click, $0.02 per referral click and offering up to 8 fixed ads”, the highest both in number and payment when compared with other “paid to click” sites in the same business. Members are also provided with many payment processor options including but not limited to “Skrill, Payza, PerfectMoney SolidTrustPay and Payeer”, with auto pay support, which gives one opportunity to chose the best as per ones needs.

In terms of earnings, the amount of money you can make as a member is determined by things like the number of ads you view in a day, the referral earnings rate which is too determined by how many you have referred and etc. While you are likely to earn some cash, it is likely to be pennies counting on the amount you are paid per ad viewed, which meas that you have to view very many ads to reach payout.

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This site is currently not listed on the scam database even when the owner is claimed to have had lots of other similar sites which failed in the past. Yes, many PTC and Bux sites fail from time to time for reason being non member payments and being scam operated.

As for whether this site is legitimate or scam, the fact is that they still genuine with the only drawback being low earnings and time consuming when compared with one creating his or her own site and making money out of it. In case it all changes, I will not hesitate to update here so you know..

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