How Do You Code Variables In Amos?

All about AMOS Program How to code variables in AMOS is a question which many of my readers have emailed, and asked me for a long time now. And the fact being that I never responded to any of them with the right answer, that is one reason I decided to write this post so it can act as a help to the many out there. And regardless of whether you are simply looking out for AMOS user guide, and or any other question with regard, yes, reading this may be of help to you.

Please note that this is not an answer to the above question but rather, it is inform of a referral guide on where you may be able to obtain, and or get all related information about AMOS program. It took me sometime to compile for you some useful informational guide about where you can obtain the above. In this same article, you will find a list of websites where you will be able to learn and understand all about coding variables in Amos and other similar questions.

Alright, whether you are looking out for a way to control variables in Amos, categorical variable, unnamed spss code error, structural equation modeling, path analysis, dichotomous variable, how to treat binaries, AMOS output and many others related with the above, the answer is right below in the list of those helpful sites which you can may be check on to obtain more about Analysis of moment structures.

List of sites to obtain more about Amos, variables and coding

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1. Amos binary variables –
2. Data screening and etc –
3. Amos for beginners –
4. Understanding Amos –
5. How to enter in Amos –
6. SPSS Amos –
7. User guide –
8. Variable analysis –
9. Understanding amos –
10. SEM in amos –

Like I shared above, this is not a tutorial and nor a guide on how to code in Amos but rather, its a referral tuturial with a compilation of some useful links where you can be able to obtain more info with regard to Analysis of moment structures. Fell free to use the comment option below to contribute and or add on any useful info. Hope this will help you out all.

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