CoinBulb Reviews! Is Scam or Legit? How it Works

CoinBulb reviews This is a review of CoinBulb! If you have been hearing of CoinBulb and wondering what it is all about, how it works, how to make money when you join, how much you are paid to do tasks and whether it is a legitimate site to spend ones valuable time on or simply being another scam which will simply waster your time, this post has it all and what you need is to continue reading.

CoinBulb operating on is a “Earn Free Bitcoins” PTC site which “claims” to pay members up to 0.00110 mBTC per click, between 60% to 100% referral bonuses and with a minimum payout threshold of 0.3 mBTC which is instantly paid to ones Bitcoin wallet. When all the above are combined, it makes CoinBulb one of the best PTC sites online well as the main question as usual remains whether they are legit or scam.

According to info, domain name was first registered on 2016-08-08 thus representing a full year plus in existence. The registrant info is protected, which makes one difficult to know who the owner of the site as we all know that many related site admins who may have performed bad in the past tend to come back more and more to scam members.

If you want to earn bitcoins now that its value keeps on changing with many people creating accounts in order to use this virtual currency, joining CoinBulb can help you to earn and accumulate money in this currency as per your expectations.

To earn more, one can invite other members to join (like many are doing on the different sites including whatsapp and telegram groups) using the referral link which is assigned to a member once an account is created.

Is CoinBulb legit or scam? Currently, Coinbulb is a paying PTC site. And it having stayed for a full year now in operation is a sign that it is a legit site. In the world of PTC, a site is considered legitimate if it is paying and with no complaints, which looks the case for this PTC. But just in case, I will update this post so as to share any new findings as they come in.

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