If you are searching for a career/employment opportunity, why not take your time and try out on this one? Here is another Job Opportunity In Colombia: VICE PRESIDENT OF AREA / INNOVATION AND KNOWLEDGE

Organization: Plan
Country: Colombia
Closing date: 31 Oct 2015

Purposes of the post:

To lead the process of knowledge management and innovation implementing the use of appropriate technologies.

To develop the programmatic strategy in accordance with local, regional and national levels, managing financial resources and their optimization, towards the achievement of a significant impact on girls, boys, adolescents and youths’ quality of life.

To build relationships with International Cooperation Agencies, International Donors and National Agencies that contribute to the achievement of fundraising for the implementation of the National Strategic Plan, as well as the compliance with the accountability processes related to that matter.

Educational Background

University degree in Social Sciences, humanitarian studies, or related field.

Master´s degree in project management, social development, human rights, etc.


Good knowledge of utilitarian systems: Word, Excel and Power Point.

Full professional proficiency in Spanish and English. 100%.

Extensive knowledge on the Rights of the Child.

Knowledge of Colombia´s geopolitical factors affecting child-poverty in the country as well as the political, social and economic opportunities for development.


5 years professional experience in management positions.

5 years professional experience in project design and negotiation of proposals for national and international organizations.

2 years professional experience in the formulation, monitoring and assessment of social development programs.

· Full time.

· Ability to travel National and Internationally.

· Salary: COP 13.200.000

· Location: Bogotá, Colombia.

Main Responsibilities:

Strategic Management

Coordinate the design, development, implementation and evaluation of the National Strategic Plan.

Lead and implement a local community strengthening strategy.

Project formulation

Lead the development of program and project proposals to be submitted for consideration of external institutional donors.

Lead the development of research and studies to consolidate the organization’s expertise about actual and new areas of intervention, as well as to improve the impact of the intervention strategies under way.

Develop models and tools to mobilize community development processes, on a local level.

Promote cooperation opportunities, networking, partnership building and management learning.

Generate innovation, changes and improved opportunities along with Plan´s different areas and with external partners.

Project implementation

Advise on the implementation of projects, resource optimization, capacity building and organizational learning.

Develop models and tools for participation of children, youth and adolescents in all community development processes at a local, national and international level.

Advice the Management Board on the decision-making process for the Innovation and Knowledge guidelines to be applied nationwide.

Lead the implementation of the 45 northeast system showing the expected results, ensuring compliance with objectives and expected results according to the requirements established in conventions and agreements.

Risk management and continuous improvement

Define quality standards for all national programs.

Participate actively in regional and national networks towards the exchange of best practices and teamwork to improve the quality and impact of Plan´s programs.

Identify and document best practices for Plan and other organizations to promote quality in processes and learning.

Provide the necessary information in audit processes and internal controls.

Identify and implement best practices in the area of innovation and knowledge, ensuring compliance with the guidelines of quality in the processes under his/her responsibility, in accordance with ISO 9001.

Manage the actions established to minimize the risks on the processes under his/her responsibility.

Approve the National program on Risk Management.

Identify and manage potential partners for specific risk situations.

Approve emergency proposals and its processes to be presented to donors.

Legal Management

Provide relevant information for legal and contractual processes with suppliers, contractors and partners generated within his/her area.

Financial management

Lead the planning, follow up and monitoring of the Innovation and Knowledge Area´s budget.

Approve payment deduction from the area of Innovation and Knowledge budget.

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Management of Corporate and Individual Donors

Establish and maintain relationships and partnerships with organizations and institutions, including national offices.

Approve content production generated from the area of innovation and knowledge.

Human management

Promote the development of staff by defining objectives and performance planning (PMS).

Maintain behaviors inside and outside the organization according to the guidelines of Plan´s Protection and Gender Policies.

Ensure compliance with gender policy standards, both in the procedures under his/her responsibility as well as from his/her staff.

Ensure that the security measures established by the organization are implemented in the processes under his/her responsibility.

Provide and receive information on the organizational guidelines to facilitate occupational labor coexistence and to mitigate occupational risks.

Logistics Management

Ensure that records and files are managed in accordance with local requirements and confidentiality standards. Lead the implementation of technologies to serve knowledge management and innovation.

How to apply:

Fundacion Plan operates under the principles of equal opportunities and inclusion, welcoming applications from all persons interested and from all areas of the international community who met the occupational profile requested. Please send a complete CV to on the “Trabaje con Nosotros” option, VICEPRESIDENCIA DE ÁREA / INNOVACIÓN Y CONOCIMIENTO vacancy announcement**.**

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