How To Connect External 3G/4G/LTE Antennas, GPS And WiFi Connectors To ZTE MF271 / MF271A / MF271CA / Z700 / Z700A

ZTE MF271 External WiFi Boost Connect This is a guide on how to connect external 3g/4g/lte antennas (dual) , gps and wifi connectors to zte mf271 / mf271a / mf271ca / z700 / z700a devices. If you have been stuck and wondering how to go about the entire process, this tutorial is a must read.

When it comes to attaining the fastest internet connection speeds out of your devices eg the ZTE MF271 / MF271A / MF271CA / Z700 / Z700A and others, the fact is that several other factors may hinder, and thus sometimes calling for an external antenna or connector in order to have the problem solved.

Things like weather, location, internet point and device are some of the things to look into. It so happens that people who are located in basements or in far locations tend to get interfered low internet connections regardless of the device. This calls for installation of an external antennas for both your 3G/4G/LTE, GPS and WiFi modems / devices so as to boost connections for better speeds.

If you own a [[[ZTE MF271]]], [[[ZTE MF271A]]], [[[ZTE MF271CA]]], [[[ZTE Z700]]] or a [[[ZTE Z700A]]], follow the following below steps and procedures to to connect external 3g/4g/lte antennas (dual) , gps and wifi connectors to your devices.

1. Buy Compatible antenna

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You will need to Buy a [[[Compatible Network Antennas]]] eg from Amazon and have it ready since you need it during the process. Such external antenna’s are made to offer additional boosting to your device, and which will help boost ranges of connectivity and internet speeds.

2. Dissemble your device

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ZTE MF271 Device Dissembled

Begin by dissembling your device eg the zte mf271 / mf271a / mf271ca / z700 / z700a and look out for the connectors as marked in image above.

3. Connect the External antennas

As you can see in the image above, the button is for reset, the connector under battery is the 3G, 4G and LTE antenna while two connectors on opposite side is the WiFi antenna. What you need is to connect to the required and exact point and see your internet boosted. The process is simple and easy for as long as you procure or buy the [[[best network antennas]]].

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