How To Correct / Change Uganda National ID Details / Errors

NIRA Uganda National Identity Card Did you know that the Uganda national identity card is mandatory when pursuing certain things for example a Travel passport for those in the qualifying ages? Did you know that one stands chances of being isolated from participating in certain things for example being voted in a political position without such an ID? How about the rest of things you can’t tell as of now?

Trust me, if you nver knew, this is already happening and many people are witnessing. If you already registered and acquired your Uganda national ID card, you are a lucky one among the many but if you haven’t yet, then you ought to do that. But if you registered and managed to get your national identity card but with errors, the right solution for you is to perform the process of altering and or changing any error on your card so you don’t miss out on anything just because of that.

In this article, I am sharing with you the steps and procedures you need to follow in order to alter, change or add missing information or errors on your Uganda national identity card. Here is how to correct your Uganda national ID details.

  • Begin by identifying and verifying the found error on your NID card.
  • Once seen, make sure that your point is supported eg, you must be having other supporting documents with the right names or information which was errored.
  • Visit the NIRAa web portal and download the Notification of change / error in information in the register NIRA form 1.
  • Fill in the form and verify that you have removed the error info with what you want to be.
  • If the error will require you to obtain a new Card, you should visit URA web portal, generate a payment PRN for the same, pay money in the bank and get a payment slip. But if the error requires no new card issuing, then follow to step below whilst omitting the bank receipt attachment.
  • Attach your card, the filled form, the bank payment slip if any, proceed to NIRA offices and submit.

In some cases, you might be subjected to swearing an affidavit in court, registering it and attaching it. It is always good to inquire from the respective offices before submitting as you may be required to do a step you might have omitted.

Once you submit, you will be told on what to do next and you would have moved a step ahead towards getting an error free national identity card for Uganda.

KWS Adams

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19 Responses

  1. martha akello says:

    my id has been misspelled, how do i recover it back?

  2. maganda sula says:

    how long does it take when i have submitted to NIRA offices my problems of erectfying my name .
    how long does it take to get my new id

  3. Suzan Nakasendwa says:

    I was given a National ID with misspelled names yet my filled form has the right names. When I went to your offices in KOLOLO, I was told to pay shs 50,000/= to rectify and issue me a new card. Its so absurd that you guys are instead making nationals pay for your own mistakes.

  4. Deborah ainomugisha says:

    my ID name they put letter E instead of O? what can i do?

  5. Dora says:

    I want to change my names to that of my husband, what’s the procedure?

  6. Dawn Blessed says:

    Would like to correct my names on the national identity card. For the names on my ID are neither on my birth certificate nor on all my documents.

  7. Nagawa Hopekinns says:

    help me to change my names on my national ID coz i did a mistake 0702121141 is my phone number incase of helping me


    The job you are doing is great

  9. Bagonza pisolm says:

    l have three names on my national ID but would like to remove the third name which is neither on my academic documents nor on my birth certificate so what would be the procedures of doing so

  10. Bagonza pisolm says:

    I have three names on my national ID and would like to have two as on all my academic document what are the requiments

  11. mugenyi Peter says:

    This is a gud site for issues of identity cards. Allow to inquire about the issue concerning it. I have never rereceived my I d not because I don’t want it but it was not produced I hv visited the office of my district but in vain now what is the procedure of attaining my id thanks

  12. John Bosco says:

    What are the procedures to change my date of birth cause the current one is false

  13. Ogwang Emma says:

    I lost my id then paid even the money for replacement one year ago. But to my surprise when I was took my things to kololo I was promised to be called back but I have never been calmed. Imagine one year I just have only photocopies of my placement slip yet my bank is was left on kololo. But you guys are not serious I am suffering at the expense of your conductivity. So help me

  14. Joseph Peter Aedeke says:

    While in Lubaga, where is the nearest centre I can replace my card from since it got lost when I was involved in an accident.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Mr Joseph Peter Aedeke, the best option would be to submit your national id card replacement application forms to NIRA Kololo. But in case you don’t want to go here, then try Lubaga KCCA division offices.

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