Costa Rica And The United States – Which One Ranks Higher In Terms of Health?

Americans have been traveling to Costa Rica for medical tourism since 2000 when the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Costa Rica medical centers higher than the United States. In 2012, it managed to score higher than the United States. Since 2000, it has been holding steady at number 36. Clinica Biblica is currently receiving most of the medical tourism patients. Forty million dollars was invested into this hospital, accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), to address the needs of medical travel patients.

Benefits of Costa Rica Medical Care
Comprehensive Services. Destinations offers a full range of dental work and cosmetic surgery. Many people are impressed with the dental services provided by Costa Rica healthcare professionals. Dental procedures not covered by health insurance in America are often treated in Costa Rica for a fraction of the cost. In fact, 40 percent of medical tourists from the United States receive dental services in Costa Rican medical facilities.

Costa Rica also offers intermediate life saving treatments, complex life saving treatments and advanced life saving treatments. Life style treatment services cover dental work and cosmetic surgery. The dental clinics will provide tooth whitening, dental implants, veneers, dental bridges and crowns.

Affordable Pricing.
Most people travel to this gorgeous country because dental care is half the cost of treatment in the United States. To put it in perspective, dental implant procedures and travel costs to Costa Rica are cheaper than the cost of only receiving dental implants without travel in the United States. Since most patients prefer receiving a vacation with their dental treatments instead of just receiving dental treatments, more people are traveling to Costa Rica for medical care. Medical travel cost savings are typically between 30 percent and 70 percent of United States costs.

All Private Hospitals Are Internationally Accredited.
This destination is one of the few places in the world that has attained international accreditation on all the private hospitals. This verifies that private hospitals provide services that are internationally and universally accepted. There are six private hospitals in Costa Rica and 22 public hospitals.

Most Dentists Receive Training Abroad.
Most of the dentists in local hospitals receive their training abroad and make their homes there. Most dentists serve on international boards.

Healthy Tourism Options.
Many people combine medical tourism with surfing and yoga. A medical tourism agency can be contacted for this type of package. This medical travel getaway is about health. Most restaurants in the country serve primarily healthy food such as greens and seafood. Even the fast food restaurants that serve pizza and burgers also have a healthy option. The vegetables are locally grown, and the fish is locally caught. A medical travel company can help patients plan a health-centric vacation.

One of the Most Beautiful and Stress-Free Environments to Recover.
The white sand beaches of the country are simply breath-taking. The vegetation relaxes patients and helps them feel as if they are in a tropical oasis. There are over 500,000 species of flora and fauna to explore.

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