Could This Be The End Of Free Business Promotions/Marketing On Facebook?

Facebook pages have always been known to being a ground where both businesses and individuals could promote anything and everything to their audience (likes) right from application downloads to product selling.

But following Facebook’s decision to start showing less of such posts to members including those who liked those pages does mean a lot in the promotion and marketing side to businesses and individuals who have always taken advantage of the above just like we all know how something free is loved by many and almost all of us.

According to this article posted by Facebook Business, pages whose contents or posts fall in the below quoted will be affected by the changes which will be in effect come January 2015.

“According to people we surveyed, there
are some consistent traits that make
organic posts feel too promotional:
1. Posts that solely push people to buy a
product or install an app.
2. Posts that push people to enter
promotions and sweepstakes with no
real context
3. Posts that reuse the exact same
content from ads
Examples of these types of Page posts”

Such type of posts will stop appearing in members news feeds and is like an end to the free promotions. Facebook recommends their use of their services like post Boosting assuming one really wants to promote his or her or their contents.

Its estimated that this move is likely to increase on Facebook’s advertising revenues since in one way or another, the only remaining promotional options would be using what Facebook recommends.

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The same update linked above claims that people will not see more Facebook Ads although we are waiting to see what exactly will happen when the update finally is in action.

What do you think? Could it be the end of free business promotion and marketing which has been existing on this social networking Giant?

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